5 Reasons Why Insurance Companies May Deny Your Bicycle Accident Claim


Many bike owners buy a comprehensive policy to protect their bicycles from accidental risks. Although it may not be your wish to be involved in an accident, you may find yourself in one and you may raise a claim. Most of the time, people have blamed insurance companies for rejecting their bike insurance claims. The reason behind this misconception is a lack of knowledge and awareness of how insurance companies work. Sometimes you can follow the claim correctly but it ends up being rejected. Below are the reasons why it can be rejected:

  1. If there is No Evidence to Establish the Fault

Bicycle insurance claims are denied when there is a dispute. The insurance company will only pay you if you have clear evidence showing that their policyholder is to be blamed for the accident that has occurred. In any case, the policyholder is not responsible if there is no indication, that the claim will be denied.

Your claim can also be denied if the evidence is there to show that the policyholder is not to be blamed for the accident. Anyone who contributes to the accident can be blamed and held responsible for the injuries that may result.

Insurance companies usually investigate the accident carefully in order to determine if it is you or any other person who contributed. If the evidence shows that there is more than one person to blame, then the claim will be rejected.

  1. If the Coverage has Lapsed

There are different reasons why insurance coverage may lapse. That is:

  • When you fail to pay the premiums on time.
  • When the company does not exist anymore.
  • When the policy was unilaterally cancelled by the insurer.

Only claims that are up-to-date and valid are the ones that will be approved. It is important to always renew your policy for the coverage to continue.

  1. When Accurate Details are not Provided

When filing a bike insurance claim, you should provide the accurate details that are in your application form. This includes bike-related information and your personal information. It is crucial if you describe the accident and you do not leave any facts. You can risk your claim being rejected in any case you do not mention any specific details or you provide the wrong details deliberately. It is advisable to always provide correct information. You can back it up using relevant pieces of evidence like videos, photographs, or statements of witnesses of the accident.

  1. When there is a Delay in Claiming

In any case, if you are got involved in an accident, you should proceed immediately to file an insurance claim. You should inform your insurer about the accident and initiate the claim within a certain period of time. The insurance companies have certain deadlines for filing your claim. Failure to comply with them, they can refuse to give you compensation for the losses that occurred.

  1. If the Damage was not Included in the Coverage

To determine the cause of your accident, the insurance company will always do a review. All companies have a list of the things that they won’t cover. Your claim can be denied if the cause or the type of damage falls under the policy exclusion. Common examples include damage caused by storms or intentional acts of destruction of the bicycle. 

It is always important to read the insurance policy well and know how it works. However, some may be too complex for you to understand and the insurance company can take an advantage of this. This is because it is a business and its main aim is to minimize expenditure. It is recommended to get legal help from a bicycle accident lawyer to help you in claiming. This will enable you to get a smooth claim settlement process.

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