5 Reasons Why You Can’t Ignore an Architect to Design Your Office Space

Aesthetics and function are two of the most important things to consider when designing a building for a business. However, many business owners often neglect one or both of these aspects. The right architecture firm dc will understand how to combine aesthetics and function in ways that will meet all your business needs.

Here are 5 reasons you might want an architectural expert on your team.

An Architect Understands Spatial Dynamics

An architect is trained in understanding spatial relationships, which is crucial to creating a functional office environment. An office space designed by an architect will be more aesthetically pleasing and efficient than one designed by someone who is not trained in spatial relationships.

They Understand Light Positioning

Architectural experts know how lighting affects moods as well as productivity levels.

For example, natural light boosts production and creativity, while fluorescent lights cause eye strain. The right amount of light can also keep employees alert during the day or calm them down at night. And in some cases, it has been shown that increasing foot traffic around an office space increases productivity by up to 12%. Clearly, architects are valuable assets for designing a productive office space.

An Architect Can Make Your Office Space More Efficient

It’s not just how you layout your building that matters. It’s also the materials it’s made of and whether they are energy-efficient or sustainable. A good architect knows all about these things because designing a building balances form with function, aesthetics with environmental responsibility.

Energy efficiency is one of those areas where architects have a lot to offer business owners. Particularly those who want their office space to be more green and cost less to run once it’s built.

For example, if you’re located near the equator, an architect can help design your space so that sunlight exposure during the day does not overheat your office space. This will reduce the work of your air conditioning systems, bringing the energy bill down.

New technology allows architects to design buildings that are naturally cooled and heated via “passive cooling”. This method doesn’t require any power at all. If you set your building up properly from the beginning, you can also prevent your employees from working in a hot or cold office all day, which is good for their morale.

An Architect Can Make Your Office Space More Productive

An office design usually starts with outlining the type of space you want your employees to work in. However, without the help of a professional architect, optimizing the space for productivity can be a challenge.

The layout of your office space has a powerful impact on your employee performance. An architect can help you design a space where employees can concentrate yet still stay connected with each other and their community from time to time.

A Professional Architect Can Help Create Custom Work Areas

A certified architect has the skills, training and experience to turn your ideas into reality. You can rely on your architect to create tailored workspaces for specific activities. For example, a reception area that will make visitors feel welcome from the moment they enter.

An office with different spaces designed around one another most likely functions more efficiently than one with identical cubicles. In fact, studies have found that employees in open offices use fewer sick days because they’re not as stressed out by their environment.

Final Word

It is imperative to keep aesthetics, functionality and efficiency in mind while designing an office space. Rather than assigning contractors to get work done in a jiffy, we’d advise investing in a professional architecture to ensure the best outcomes. 

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