5 Self-Care Rituals to Help You Recharge and Reset

We all experience days when we’re feeling drained, and we just can’t wait to go home and relax. But for a lot of us, this means getting takeaway and having an alcoholic drink, watching Netflix or scrolling on our phones for 2 hours. 

There’s nothing wrong with doing any of these things, but there are better ways to recharge and reset. Stay calm and joyful by engaging in rituals and activities that are deliberate and promote mindfulness instead of a distraction. 

In fact, studies have shown that mindfulness exercises have positive effects on depression, chronic pain, and anxiety.

So here are 5 self-care rituals that help you regain your recharge and reset by catering to all of your senses. 

Smell: Diffuse essential oils 

There’s nothing more satisfying for your olfactory senses than a beautiful, natural fragrance.

Essential oils have many benefits that support our everyday wellness. You can use lavender for relaxation, clary sage for stress, ylang ylang for rest or orange essential oil for mediation. Use an electric diffuser to change the oil depending on your mood, or a natural reed diffuser that keeps a long-lasting scent in your home for months. 

“Your environment has such a big impact on your mood. A luxury diffuser blend will do wonders for you, even more so on a bad day,” says Helen Armstrong, advocate of reed diffusers and Founder of Apsley. 

Create an altar in a relaxing nook of your home, and make it your go-to oasis for when you arrive home and need to reset. Your altar can contain anything from reed diffusers or smudge bundles with sage and Palo Santo to candles, crystals, dried flowers or your favourite artwork. 

Sound: Listen to music 

Humans love music. The right beat will get our body moving unconsciously, the right lyrics will resonate with our souls and the right instruments will reset our minds. 

Do you have a record player? (In case you didn’t get the memo, vinyls are still cool). There’s something deliberate about the ritual of changing a record. You have to be present and engage with your environment every so often, instead of getting lost in your thoughts for hours. 

But don’t worry, your phone will do… more. Other ways of resetting are laughter, meditation and acquiring knowledge. If you want something else other than music, there are plenty of podcasts and apps you can use to laugh, meditate or learn something new.

Word of caution: for this to work hand in hand with your mini digital detox recharge ritual, don’t scroll on your phone while you listen. 

Vision: Colouring 

Mindfulness colouring is a proven way to relax your brain. A study by Nancy A. Curry and Tim Kasser found that colouring mandalas and geometric patterns specifically helps lowering stress and anxiety levels. 

Colouring requires focus and induces the same state as meditating. Drawing is also a great way to recharge your mind, but colouring can be more relaxing for some because they just have to fill in the blanks instead of facing a creative block in front of a blank page. 

Taste: Savour a treat 

With the right treat, your taste buds will get a well-deserved boost that will help you recharge and reset. 

If you enjoy cooking, preparing yourself a great meal can be in itself a form of self-care. 

But you can simply satisfy your gustatory sense with the right treat for you. Get yourself a nice box of high-quality chocolate, or any other treat you like to indulge in. Always have some in the house for a nice pick-me-up enjoyed in your favourite comfy spot of your home. 

Drink a decadent hot chocolate or herbal tea. They both have restorative benefits. Raw cacao contains anandamide, which promotes a state of bliss. Or drink chamomile, lemon balm and passionflower tea to relax. 

Touch: Self-massage

There’s nothing like a self-massage at the end of a rough day. You don’t have to see it as another chore, you can see it as an act of self-love. 

A body gua sha and face roller are great ways to release any built-up tension in your body. Alternatively, you can use a foam roller or give yourself a foot rub or massage your neck and hands. 

Stretch your body with yoga for 10 minutes. Or have a magnesium-infused bath.


At the end of the day, there are many ways in which you can recharge your batteries. Self-care means you respect your mind and body and will treat them right. These rituals that cater to all your 5 senses will help you do just that and you’ll feel so much better.

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