5 Signs That It’s Time to Switch a New Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a personal injury lawyer can help ensure you get properly compensated if you’ve been involved in an accident, whether on the road, in a commercial premises, or something else. A good attorney understands the legal process, can determine the value of your claim, negotiate with insurance companies, and take your case to trial if needed. 

However, even if you felt your lawyer was a good fit initially, certain signs indicate it may be best to switch to someone new. There are 50,693 personal injury law firms as of 2023, so you’ll always have plenty to choose from.

Here are 5 signs it’s time to get a new personal injury lawyer:

1. Poor Communication

One of the most important parts of the attorney-client relationship is regular communication. Your lawyer should provide updates on your case, return calls, and emails promptly, and answer your questions thoroughly. However, some personal injury lawyers working for large firms have heavy caseloads and may be working for 66+ hours a week.

If your lawyer goes long stretches without contacting you or is difficult to reach, it likely means they are not prioritizing your case. Poor communication early on only gets worse over time. Find someone more responsive.

2. Lack of Legal Strategy

An experienced personal injury lawyer should have a clear legal strategy for obtaining maximum compensation, built on an understanding of liability laws and prior case results. 

If when you ask about their approach they seem evasive or unsure, it may be a red flag. Opt for a lawyer who can clearly explain their tactics and legal rationale.

3. Undervaluing Your Personal Injury Claim

Half of all claims result in a settlement of $24k or less and the median amount awarded in car accident cases is $16k. To properly estimate the value of a personal injury claim, a lawyer must factor in both economic and non-economic damages. This includes your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and impact on your quality of life. 

If your attorney gives you a claim valuation that seems unreasonably low, get a second opinion. An attorney disinterested in maximizing your settlement does not have your best interests in mind.  

4. Lack of Trial Experience

While 95% of personal injury claims settle out of court, it’s still important your lawyer has litigation experience. Insurance companies are more incentivized to offer reasonable settlements if they know your attorney is willing and able to try your case. 

If your lawyer has little or no courtroom experience, you may be better off with someone who won’t hesitate to litigate if needed.

5. Poor Reputation

Research your lawyer’s background and reputation. Check reviews from past clients and their win/loss rates on similar cases. Reports of unprofessional or unethical conduct are also cause for concern.

If you discover red flags that make you question your lawyer’s competency or trustworthiness, it’s time to make a change. The right attorney for you is out there.

Switching personal injury lawyers mid-case can feel like a difficult decision. However, sticking with the wrong lawyer will likely impede your ability to obtain a fair settlement. Pay attention to these 5 signs, and do not hesitate to find someone better equipped to handle your claim. With an experienced and dedicated lawyer, you can rest assured your interests are protected.

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