5 Signs You Need New Energy Efficient Windows

If the windows let drafts inside the house, they probably affect the comfort of your life. Furthermore, old and cracked frames significantly increase the costs you spend on electricity.

The installation of new energy-saving windows will help to solve all these issues.

The leading Canadian company Vinyl Light Windows & Doors has compiled 5 features indicating that it is time to invest in new energy-saving window designs for your home.

  1. Draughts and condensation

If you feel a draught seeping through the frames, it means that the windows are letting in cold air from the outside.

Furthermore, if you feel the temperature difference around your windows, notice condensation on the glass, and the room is too wet or there is even mold in it, it may indicate that the frames have started to leak.

Installation of energy-efficient window systems and elimination of leaks will help to solve all these problems.

  1. High electricity bills

Old windows that let air inside the room can lead to more frequent activation of the heating or cooling system, resulting in higher electricity bills.

With energy-saving windows you can save up to 30% on monthly utility bills.

  1. Visible damage

Cracks, chipping, deformation and other types of damage not only make your windows look ugly but also indicate a decline in functionality. New energy-saving windows can restore the aesthetics and functionality of your home.

It is also an important aspect if you plan to sell your home in the future: energy-efficient window designs increase the market value of your property.

  1. External noise

If the street noise sounds louder than usual, it can be due to the invisible cracks in the glass or frame, as well as because the entire structure is no longer hermetic. Energy-efficient models feature excellent insulation properties that reduce external noise.

  1. Furniture fade

Exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause carpets, furniture and artwork to fade much faster. If you notice discoloration, installing Low-E coated windows will help protect your belongings from harmful sunlight.

Vinyl Light Windows & Doors notes that all energy-efficient designs must be labeled with an Energy Star sign. Typically, such products are made of vinyl, and the space between the glass is filled with inert gas for better insulation.

Contact Vinyl Light and choose the best window systems that will decorate your home and make it more comfortable for life!