5 simple but effective steps how to avoid demonetization on YouTube

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YouTube is a strong platform for video content, which undoubtedly benefits both the audience and the channel owner. Unfortunately, monetization does not always meet expectations regardless of the degree of user engagement with certain visual content. In other words, advertising algorithms are regularly updated and dictate their strategy. Therefore, channel owners are having their video content demonetized. If you are facing this problem and your YouTube videos have stopped generating income, there are several reasons for this. Let’s talk about YouTube demonetization and solving the problem of resuming income.

Reasons for demonetization

For the average user, it is easy to understand what monetization is; it is income from advertising, which is placed by the platform on video content. It benefits YouTube itself and, of course, the channel’s owner. Demonetization is the opposite process when your vlog stops generating income, although the profit was previously there. Why does this happen? 

The reasons for demonetization are as follows:

  • incompatible content with the rules of the video platform;
  • foul language, even one word can ruin your reputation;
  • political issues in any interpretation;
  • dry content, outdated topics, and tired jokes;
  • the copied style of the video with a hint of plagiarism;
  • a discrepancy between real subscribers and the number of likes and views for the platform, which means that you have faked channel subscribers;
  • obtrusive advertising that reads in every word or image of your commercial.

There are many other reasons why the platform rushes to say goodbye to video content. For example, when the channel owner doesn’t answer users’ questions and ignores them, posts too many videos a day – about 8-10 in a row, posts low-quality footage, and more. And now, let’s figure out how to eliminate the demonetization problem in general.

How to avoid demonetization or restore the channel to its former glory?

Regardless of the reason, the demonetized channel can be brought back to life. Moreover, it is possible to do the same with a blocked channel. And if, for months of hard work, you have gathered a solid viewership on it, it is not just possible but necessary!

No matter how much you want to remove videos from your channel, you must do it. The channel author will need to take the most critical look at their own content because they will need to get rid of everything that could cause even the slightest doubt on the part of the YouTube platform. If there is no confidence that the video complies with all the YouTube rules, it’s better to give up on such visuals.

Ways to eliminate demonetization:

  • getting rid of videos that do not meet the quality and requirements of video hosting;
  • removing the causes mentioned above, as well as strengthening optimization and improving ranking;
  • promoting your content through another video platform, such as VlogBox, with a gradual increase in turnover and on YouTube, that is, directing your audience through a marketing podcast to promote your brand;
  • switch to an alternative video platform or create your own.

Even if platform profits are your primary monetization source and there’s trouble cashing in your video income, don’t feel bad. There are 1,000 and one ways to survive in the world of modern technology. In doing so, you can use YouTube as a free tool for your marketing. 

And lastly, some advice. Use affiliate marketing; it works. Create a page with a paid subscription or sell products. That way, you’ll expand your opportunities. Consider the idea of creating your own platform and applications from scratch, take advantage of other platforms, and trust them to promote your brand and attract new visitors. The main thing is to have a dream and go for it clearly, and then even such giants as YouTube will take a back seat to your strategy.

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