5 Tech Companies That are Innovation & Creativity Heavy

As the new decade started, new opportunities and challenges are knocking on our door. It is not only with us humans but also for all tech giants.

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With the arrival of new technologies and innovations, the companies are focusing more and the recent updates which could best fit their style of work and at the same time fulfill the consumer’s needs. Companies achieve this by taking several experiments and switching to those, which can be a major helping hand to their workforce strategy. In fact, companies strive for innovation so much that there’s even innovation consulting to help out.

In today’s generation, companies strongest at innovation mostly valued advanced analytics, digital design, and technology platforms. The increasing demand for AI and big data science has forced companies to excel in these emerging technical fields.

Today we will discuss five tech monsters that have excelled in the above-discussed skills and set a parameter for other rising companies to reach up to. You can go through their strategy and make proper use of it.

1. Canva

This female-led tech giant made some beautiful strides in 2019 to bring its suite of enterprise design tools to more companies worldwide, giving a unique way of innovation by creating new tech for restricted editing while keeping it relatively simple with drag and drop slideshow tools.

Canva provides you all the tools you will need to design. Canva’s graphic-design templates help people create everything from posters, social media posts, blog graphics, invitations, presentations, and business cards to web ads and Facebook covers.

It provides thousands of layouts for inspiration, along with a huge range of hand-selected fonts. It’s powerful photo editing tools let users slide decks on mobile devices (and optimize them for small screens) and make the designs more authentic. The company provides you stunning backgrounds to add to any kind of image. A new enterprise tool, released in the fall, lets companies set their templates (with controls for colors, fonts, and logos), helping maintain brand identity across large workforces. It enables you to publish your design in various ways, such as PDF for professional prints, PNG for web, or share them via URLs.

Today, Canva has more than 1 million people using its paid products, and more than 1 million presentations are created each week.

2. DNA 11

A company that started as a creative endeavor turns your actual DNA sample into personalized artwork. Nazim Ahmed and Adrian Salamunovic’s combined effort towards their love for science and art gave rise to this concept in 2005.

This unique concept is pretty simple to apply. You just have to swab the inside of your cheek and collect those samples on a swab kit. The DNA art by DNA 11brings your personalized art from your DNA. The option of choosing the color, frame, size everything is done online. These samples are then sent to the lab, where the workers process them using electric current and print them on the canvas.

DNA 11 provides a different range of portraits from personalized DNA portraits, kiss portraits, Fingerprint portraits, pet portraits, etc.

3. Better.com

Have you ever wondered why buying or refinancing a home is so outdated and complex? If yes, you are not alone. Millions of people each year go through the Mortress process. Everywhere we look, we find legacy infrastructure, needless middlemen, and frustrating pain points. A simple process becomes something very hectic.

Better.com is an online lending company that provides a completely transparent, simple Mortgaging process where loan rates, loan pre approval, and resources are available 24/7.

It provides various loan and mortgage options for the homebuyers, which prominently look after the Conventional fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages. Along with this, they provide FHA loans, first-time homebuyer programs, bridge loans, and many more.

You would be surprised to know that they don’t cost any lender fees, including an application, underwriting, and origination fees, thereby saving around $3500.

This company lent more than $4 billion to homebuyers in 2019, round in August announced a $160 million funding, which sums up its total budget to $254 million. Currently approved in 44 states, it aims to launch in the New York market in 2020 and expects to be in all 50 states by March.

4. Solidia

Have you ever heard about “eco-friendly cement“? I guess most of you haven’t. But the Solidia company claims that they produce cement that cuts Co2 emissions by up to 70%.

New Jersey-based company Solidia offers patent green solutions that make it easy and profitable to use CO2 to create superior, sustainable building materials. They ensure that the cement produced by them reduces co2 emissions and requires less energy in the production process. Not only this, they convert sustainable solutions into smart business. They contain the potential to eliminate at least 1.5 gigatons of co2 emission each year.

Moreover, Solidia introduces artificial intelligence into concrete production, which raises the world’s oldest industry into the digital age. These higher-performing products allow manufacturers to reduce waste, improve quality control, and save time, money, and water.

It was launched in the US in august 2019 through the partnership with paving company EP henry.

5. Understory

A weather infrastructure and analytics company that solves the weather crisis with parametric hail insurance for severe weather. It detects rain, hail, wind, and other weather events directly at the earth’s surface.

This Madison, Wisconsin based company builds weather sensors that collect 125,000 data points per second, tracking precipitation, wind, temperature, air pressure, and humidity. They provide a faster recovery rate and more predictable recovery cost. Their customized policy fits the customer’s needs and helps them to get many auto insurance claims. The company is broadening its branches by moving into structural and agricultural insurance.

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