5 Techniques from Livebeam that’ll make you more attractive to chat with

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Do you use social media often? Do you chat with different people? Have you always wanted to be admired by whoever you are chatting with? If your answers to these questions are yes, then you have no reason to stop reading this article.

Many people desire to be more attractive when they chat with others. They want to be the ones chased, the ones that people are always enthusiastic to chat with. But, they haven’t figured out how to beat the system. Luckily for you, Livebeam is here to solve that problem.

You might be asking what Livebeam is and why they are good enough to give you these tips. Well, Livebeam is a communication and streaming platform with a community filled with active people all over the world waiting to chat with others. 

With the experience gathered over the years about what works and what doesn’t in the online chatting scene, we have come up with these 5 techniques that will make you look more attractive when chatting with other people:

  •  Be Expressive

Being able to generate different kinds of emotions in any conversation is a crowning quality while chatting. By expressing yourself openly, you take the conversation to an admirable level. While chatting, there are 2 stronger forms of being expressive; humor and deep emotions.

Having a good sense of humor immediately puts you on the potential list of being attractive. Tell basic jokes, be lively and lighten up the chat. However, you must be cautious not to be “too much”. Too much, in the sense that your jokes become exhausting, raunchy, or unnecessary. Finding the perfect balance is attractive in itself.

On a more solemn note, being able to generate deep emotions like pity, empathy, and vulnerability plays the humor card with a different approach. This way, you are able to get people to see things your way and open up to you. If you unlock this, you are well on your way.

One final tip on expressions is to always be straightforward about your emotions. When it’s physical, you could easily smile or cry or pout; but in an online chat, you have to use the right words and emoji to properly deliver the message. However, if the other person is attentive and interested enough like the many members of Livebeam, you don’t have to put in so much work.

  •  Be Intentional

Think about it, who will you be more attracted to: the person who laughs when you fall, or the person who helps you stand up? Most people will definitely go for the latter. That’s a typical example of how being intentional works in an online chat.

Being intentional deals with you having a genuine interest in the conversations you are having. These people work towards creating a stronger bond by being considerate, offering listening ears, and contributing when necessary.

Here are some simple ways that someone can be intentional in online chats:

  • Remember the name of the other person
  • Ask about events and schedules of the other person
  • Be empathic and show care toward things that mean much to the person
  • Offer a helping hand when possible
  • Give advice on how they can make things better

If you manage these activities long enough, everyone will be interested in chatting with you every single day.

  •  Be Confident

Some of the most attractive people are those at the top of their crafts. Award-winning artists, sportspeople, and professionals. Even characters become attractive when placed in roles of prestige, take for example superheroes and politicians. What do these people have in common aside from their positions? Confidence.

Confidence, if exuded the right way, will have you admired by many people. Learning to be confident is very synonymous with learning to be attractive. You will have an aura that many people want to be tied to. There’s always a crowd around confident people because they feel safe and engaged by them. While chatting, you have to exude the same confidence. Say what you know and are sure of, contribute to things that have been said, leave no doubt in the mind of whoever you are chatting with, and they will always come back for more conversations.

However, false confidence could do you harm. That’s why it’s important to enlighten oneself and have the knowledge to back up the confidence. Once you know what you are talking about and are confident about it, you are a shoo-in on many people’s star lists.

  •  Be Mysterious

This technique might not be easy for everyone. A lot of people are quite engaging, free-spirited, and expressive. People ready to express themselves are way more than the quiet ones. Though, some people can still play the part perfectly. 

What part you might ask? The mysterious part, of course.

Another way to get people attracted to you that’s quite different from the normal engaging, funny, and energetic traits is to always give them a reason to come again. Provide them with unanswered questions and unsolved riddles. People are highly attracted to what they do not know. It’s a natural human trait, you want to know more about what is strange, what is new, and what is different – and that’s where this technique comes in.

To achieve this correctly, you need to hold off on giving all details or too many details. This doesn’t mean being secretive, it involves spiced-up versions of the truth. For example, saying “I don’t eat meat” isn’t the same as saying “I’m a vegetarian”, the first statement leaves room for questions. The person becomes interested if you are a vegetarian, if it’s only meat you don’t eat, or if there’s a story behind it. As the thoughts go on and on in the person’s mind, they want to be with you longer just to figure it out.

  •  Be Available

Whether you are working towards being expressive or being mysterious, you should always be available. A lot of these techniques can only work when you are available to keep executing them.

Your availability should be frequent and also complete. That means you should both be online a lot of times and also be online during the times when you are free enough to have a long conversation. This can only be achieved due to the presence of both parties being online and available.

This ties into every other technique you have read today. You need to be available to continuously express yourself well, show intentional steps, exude your confidence, and even show your mysterious nature; because a mystery unsolved is more likely to be forgotten if there are no new clues.

There are different ways these techniques can be implemented to make you more attractive in an online chat. Only consistent practice can help you become the full package. As earlier suggested, Livebeam is a great space to put them all into practice and achieve the level of attractiveness you desire. So get going! We can’t wait to see what your use of these techniques yield.

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