5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Invest in a Resume Writing Service

A resume is important for every aspect of your career life. From landing your first job to securing an executive position, you need to have a great resume.

While it’s entirely possible to write your own resume — that requires lots of time and effort. Even if you dedicate time to learning and then writing your own, it still might not be enough. After all, resume writing services hire writers who are certified and have decades of experience.

To elevate and advance in your career, you might have to get professional assistance. Here are 5 signs that you should be investing in a resume-writing service!

You Never Hear Back From Jobs That You Are Well-Qualified For

Here’s the big one. You apply for a job that you know is a shoo-in but then nothing. No phone call, no follow-up email, and you never hear back again.

There are many reasons that you never hear back completely separate from the actual job qualifications. Let’s look at a few of these. Additionally, investing in investment banking CV writing services can help you stand out in competitive job markets where first impressions matter immensely.

Poor Structure and the Resume Black Hole

Poorly structured resumes are automatically tossed into a “black hole”. Nowadays, companies don’t have the time to manually read each application — software known as the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) does it instead. In fact, 75% of resumes are pulled into this black hole and never see daylight again. If you aren’t hearing back, this is the most common reason.

With a resume writing service, their website will let you know if they are ATS-optimized. ATS-optimization involves a combination of proper formatting and strength words that help you rank as a potential candidate. For most companies, only the top ranked resumes on the software are seen by the recruiter.

You Suffer From the What-To-Include Dilemma

It’s hard to condense all your life experiences and skills onto a single piece of paper. Not only is it overwhelming, but leads to lackluster resumes. Job history? Education and internships? Where do you even begin? A professional resume writer will take the uncertainty out of the process and focus on what really matters.

You might even have qualifications in your life that you are not aware of. Working with a writer who makes a living landing dream jobs for people, resume writers are both technical and creative individuals.

You’re Just Starting Out

First jobs are often the hardest to land, yet everyone has to start somewhere. If you’ve been staring at a blank Google document for hours, a professional resume writer can assist with that. Certain resume writing services even offer student packages that are designed for students as they enter the workforce.

Knowledge of hiring trends and proficiency at keyword optimization can make up for a lack of professional working experience. Finding your first professional job can be frustrating, but a resume writer can assist you if necessary.

You Don’t Know How to Talk About Yourself

The art of humble bragging is hard. Either you don’t sell yourself enough or you come off as arrogant. Both are equally terrible. The problem with writing your own resume is that you don’t know where your humble bragging ranks on the spectrum. Is it too much or not enough?

The only way to gauge your humble bragging is through trial and error, which not everyone can afford. A resume writer will use the most effective words to communicate that you are qualified without sounding over-confident.

Writing is Not Your Specialty

Not only can stiff content struggle to rank on the ATS software, but sounds terrible. Even if you spent a long time on your resume, a recruiter might associate stiffness with a lack of effort. That ultimately reflects poorly on you.

Recruiters see words like “dedicated”, “hard-working”, and “enthusiastic” hundreds of times a day. Using these words leaves a sour impression and is the opposite of standing out. With recruiters reading up to 100 resumes a day, distinct writing is that much more important.

Only six seconds are spent looking at a resume, and words like “dedicated” aren’t going to cut it. A thesaurus might help, but you can’t just replace one word with a synonym and call it a day. Not only do resume writers create flowing and natural writing, but add their own unique twists to your resume. They use effective phrasing that works to captivate.

To Wrap Up

While it never hurts to give resume writing a try yourself, resume writing services are always available. If you are repeatedly getting rejected and can’t pinpoint the reason — it’s probably your resume. Since there’s a wide range in price between services, you will find something without breaking the bank.

Of course, always make sure to do your research before handing your hard-earned money away. Money is money and you deserve to get the most use out of it!

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