5 Things to Consider Before Scrapping a Car

Vehicles played an important part in the development of our civilisation. But at the same time, we cannot deny that they also play a critical role in environmental pollution. So every government are trying to implement laws to curb emission and control environmental pollution. This is why scrapping old cars has become essential.

So if you are thinking about scrapping your car, you might have some questions in your mind,

Where should I scrap my car in Southend? How much do they offer for scrapping a car?

Don’t worry; we have answers to all of your questions. But there are a few things you need to consider before scrapping your car. 

The will need documents in the car scrapping procedure:

Well, there are a few documents you need to have before you scrap your car. You need the V5C logbook. If you have any manufacturer’s handbook of the car, you may need it. You might need to provide the service history.

When you need to scrape your car:

Now the question is, when should I scrap my car? This is a common question for every car owner. Here are some tips that will help you decide when you should scrape your car.

  • If the repair cost is more than the car itself then, you should think about scrapping the car.
  • Suppose your car had faced a major accident, and the insurance company declined to pay the insurance then scrapping might be the better option. 
  • If you are getting more money from scrapping the car than selling it then scrape it.
  • If the parts of your car have been used for other cars and you are left with just the shell then it is time to scrape the car.

5 things to remember before scrapping the car

Now let us discuss the five things you need to consider before scrapping the car.

Obtain the necessary documents before scrapping:

There are some documents you need to acquire before scrapping your car.  This is because of the scrap metal merchants act 2013. You need to have an identification card and address proof. Your passport or driver’s license might do the work.

Other documents including V5C, logbook and service history are also important papers that you need to carry.

Inspect the car for personal belongings

You need to inspect your car before moving to a scrap yard. Check if there are any personal belongings left like sunglass, mobile chargers, CDs, dash cams and others. 

Many people forget some important documents in the car. Make sure your car does not have any important documents.

Delete the licence plate 

Next, you need to contact the DVLA to remove the number plate and retain it if you want to keep it. Otherwise, the number plate can be used for another car. If you don’t do this before scraping, you might lose the number plate.

Take your vehicles to a trustworthy scrap yard

Before going to a random scrap yard, you need to check the reviews. You should take your car to a reputed and trustworthy scrap yard. Due to the laws, it is critical to ensure that your car is in good hands. Make sure it is a registered scrap yard.

Select the scrape yard that offers you a better deal

When you decide to scrap your car, make sure to check the best price deal available for your car. Check multiple scrape yards and compare the price that you are getting for your car. Also, ensure the scrape yard has an Authorised treatment facility. This makes sure that the scrap yard is under the supervision of the Environmental Agency and will follow a standard procedure.


Car scrapping can be an emotional aspect for you, as you might have several memories attached with that. But it is a good thing from an environmental perspective. So, scarp your old car now!

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