5 Things to Do Before Booking Comedy Show Tickets

Comedy shows are the perfect way to spend an evening. You can go with a group of friends or your partner and enjoy listening to funny jokes and amusing stories. Think about it as an opportunity to relax and laugh at new situations. It is a time to unwind, forget your own troubles and focus on having fun. 

Of course, you want to make sure you have a good time when you are going to a comedy show. Since comedy is something that is subjective, you want to think carefully about what tickets you book. So, here are five things you should do before booking comedy show tickets.

Locate the Venue

First things first, know where the comedy club is before you book tickets. You need to make sure that you can get to the venue easily and on time for the show. The last thing you want is to be rushed or to be late for the performance. Not only can this feel like a waste of your money, but it can also be embarrassing, and the comedian can pick on you.

Therefore, ensure you know where the venue is and that it is convenient to get to. If you are looking for comedy night tickets London, head to Comedy Carnival. This is a popular and top-rated venue that has a variety of shows each week. People love coming here since there is a great atmosphere and plenty of entertainment.

Decide the Night

Most people assume that comedy shows are only on at the weekend. Yes, Saturday is a popular night for many people to go to a show. The crowd has a lot of energy, and you can have fun in a full venue. But, there are other nights of the week when you can see a comedy show. This might suit your schedule better.

For example, there are comedy clubs that have shows on Thursdays and Fridays. This might work better with your job or when you are meeting up with friends. While weekday shows can be quieter, they are still going to have a good atmosphere.

Know the Comedians

Comedy is one of those things that is subjective. In other words, what one person finds hilarious, another person can find boring or even offensive. So, you want to make sure that you learn about the comedians you are thinking about going to see. This way, you can choose a show that you believe you will enjoy.

You should be able to find a biography about comedians. Make sure you read this ahead of booking tickets. You can also Google them, as well as watch videos on YouTube. This gives you a better idea of what type of jokes they like and their comedy style. The aim is to find comedians that are highly rated and that you believe will suit your friendship group’s humour.

Arrange Your Transport

Do not forget that you want to arrange your transport before you go to a comedy show. You do not want to be late and you want to ensure you are not rushing around. After all, this is going to be stressful and mean that you are worrying about getting there when doors open. So, if you have your transport arranged, this is going to help you stay calm and just look forward to the night.

Most of the time, it is going to be better not to drive. It can be a hassle trying to find a parking space somewhere new, as well as affecting you if you want to have a drink with friends. Getting a bus, taxi or Uber might be the best option. You can also split the cost if you are traveling there with your group.

Plan the Night

Before you finally book the comedy show tickets, you want to ensure you can plan the whole night and have fun with friends. For example, the things you want to do might impact what ticket you buy. Many people like to go for dinner before a show. This can be a way to catch up with friends and socialise. If this is the case, there are some comedy clubs that offer dinner and show tickets. This allows you to guarantee a reservation on the night of the show. This can give you peace of mind and mean you have less to arrange for the get-together. 

Thus, think about what you are going to be doing all night with your friends. Making plans in advance allows you to build up the excitement, as well as make sure everything is booked ahead of time. This avoids disappointment, and it can be a way to save money too.

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