5 Things You Can Do to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

Every entrepreneur knows that returning customers are more profitable to any business than new ones. So the success of every business relies on a solid base of “regulars.”

The good news is, Making your customers happy and loyal is mostly a matter of caring. Follow these tips, show your customers what they mean to you, and they will do the same.

Make Your Place of Business Somewhere People Want to Enter

The aesthetics of your shop or café have a direct impact on everyone inside it and the potential customers walking by. You may believe that your personal colour and style preferences are good choices for your business, but that isn’t necessarily the case. 

It’s no secret that most successful brands invest heavily in interior design and pay experts handsomely to create retail spaces that are conducive to customer engagement, productivity and sales. Their designs are based on years of extensive psychological research.

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Go Out of Your Way to Make Unhappy  Customers Happy  

Ideally, not getting complaints in the first place is the goal of every business but sometimes complaints and unhappy customers are beyond our control.

 It’s how you respond that can turn a potential “PR nightmare” into a story that gets (positively) shared on social media that can not only keep a customer but win you new ones as well. How many readers of this post bought a parka from Patagonia or an iPhone because of Apple’s (formerly) well-known, generous return and exchange policies?

Survey Your Customers

There’s a reason that Fortune 500 companies and large multinationals spend thousands of dollars every year on focus grouping new products, services, TV shows and movies. 

One of the best ways to retain customers is to know exactly what they’re willing to buy. Getting customers to fill out surveys can be as challenging as getting their emails in person but offering discounts as incentives is a way to spend money to make money. Like coupons meant to entice more purchases, a discount exchanged for valuable insight into your product/service could pay off exponentially.

Show Your Customer that You Care By Implementing Their Suggestions

Now that you’re armed with valuable intel about what makes your customers tick, knock their socks off by implementing their feedback, within reason. It’s that kind of gesture that builds engagement and loyalty.

Then you need to ensure that they keep coming back by giving them value for their money. What your ideal client finds valuable could fall under one, or a combination, of the following factors:

  • Service – listen to what your clients like and, more importantly, what they don’t like about their experiences with your business
  • Reliability – a fair and transparent return or dispute policy could be all you need to make you dependable to your clients
  • Convenience – offer different payment options, including financing for bigger-ticket items.
  • Quality – cutting corners may make you temporary profits, but sales is a long game that means quality products and services
  • Pricing – this is where knowing your customers will better inform you on the optimal price points for sales
  • Selection – having a wide variety isn’t necessarily always a good thing; know what makes you money and what doesn’t.

For extra customer service credit, think of using a loyalty program to incentivize your customers to keep coming back. And if possible, let them know when you have new products or services available either by phone or email.

Take Care of Your Team!

Having staff that cares as much about your customers as you do is fundamental, so keeping employees happy is key and does not go unnoticed by your customers.

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