5 Tips For Office Cleaning During Covid

Ensuring a clean workplace has become all the more crucial amidst the current coronavirus pandemic. You need to take care of the well-being of your customers and employees as you continue business operations, and this means cleaning and disinfecting your shop or office regularly.

Take note, cleaning and disinfecting are two different procedures. Cleaning your store simply means eliminating dirt and impurities on surfaces. It doesn’t always kill the germs, but it does help in reducing the number of contaminants in a particular area. Meanwhile, disinfecting pertains to the process of killing germs through chemical solutions. 

Effective Cleaning Strategies

It’s ideal to clean your office regularly and enlist the help of professionals to ensure a thoroughly COVID clean workplace. Also, you have to be aware of cleaning tips you can do to supplement your disinfection efforts. Here are some of them:

  1. Determine High-Contact Areas

High-contact areas refer to places in your workplace people touch with their hands frequently. This high volume of traffic implies these areas can become breeding grounds for bacterial growth, so when an unsuspecting client or employee gets in contact with these neglected surfaces, they’ll most likely get contaminated and pass on the germs to others.

You can start your cleaning campaign in these high-contact areas:

  • Communal Spaces

Communal spaces are places where people typically congregate such as receiving areas, front desks, and even elevators. Make sure to clean door handles, stair railings, windows, light switches, chairs, tables, and elevator buttons regularly in these parts of your office.

  • Bathroom Facilities

You need to double down your efforts to clean office bathrooms since these are the places where people eliminate bodily waste. Flush handles, toilet seats, dispensers, and faucets should be scrubbed frequently.

  • Work Surfaces

You can ask your employees to help you with your cleaning campaign by cleansing their desks, keyboards, and monitors with disinfectant wipes after each workday.

  • Shared Equipment

Shared equipment like printers, fridges, microwaves, cupboards, and water coolers must be cleaned regularly as well. Also, having a logbook containing the information of those who used the units could be beneficial for contact tracing.

  1. Create Regular Cleaning Schedule

After identifying high-contact areas in your office, you can then develop a regular cleaning schedule to work around your operating times. For instance, if you run a hotel, you should make sure to disinfect elevator buttons every two hours or so to avoid contamination among guests.

For clinics and other offices, you should make it a point to clean communal spaces before and after each workday. If you have lesser foot traffic coming in midday, you can also spray some disinfectant solution before people return. Just make sure to opt for organic chemicals to avoid any harsh allergic reactions from your clients or employees.

  1. Invest In Safety Gear

Those who are assigned to clean office surfaces should be equipped with the right safety gear to keep them protected. Gloves, goggles, and protective clothing can be their first line of defense, especially if they’re handling chemical solutions.

You can also make sanitary products accessible in high-contact areas. Have alcohol dispensers and wipes on-hand to make cleaning a breeze when someone coughs or sneezes onto a surface. 

  1. Re-educate Employees On Effective Health Practices

Improving workplace safety entails training employees on effective health practices. With the current pandemic, people may need to be reminded of safety protocols such as social distancing and wearing masks in public to protect themselves and others. The proper way of washing hands may also be something you should re-educate your employees about as this can be taken for granted.

While these practices may have become second nature to some, there are those who don’t see the importance of following these procedures, so you should keep on reminding them to comply with safety rules in the workplace. 

  1. Put Up Social Distancing Guides

Social distancing is one of the most challenging aspects of workplace safety these days. Before, people didn’t bat an eye when someone bumped onto them while walking or stood too close while waiting in the queue.

Nowadays, you also need to remind customers to be mindful of others and keep their distance. To accomplish this task, you can put up visual guides to indicate where clients can stand or sit without violating social distancing rules. 


Having a clean workplace will put you, your employees, and your clients’ minds at ease when they do business with you. Cleaning your office or shop regularly shows you care about the people around you and not just about making a profit. 

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