5 Tips for Organizing an Art Exhibition Stall

The exhibition market is of great economic importance to America. In 2019 alone, the B2B trade show industry was valued at $34.4 billion, a figure that is expected to surpass $40 billion by 2023, according to figures released by Statista. A professionally organized show requires practical steps, like hours of planning and design to drive maximum visitors. As the host, you need to be alert and energized for the long haul. This makes the experience profitable and enriching for all involved.

If you are holding an art exhibition, the first step is to choose what you wish to showcase. You need a centerpiece to draw attention. Create a buzz with a historic Titanic model ship, using high-quality model ship kits for the spotlight, say experts at Premier Ship Models. This will help create a focal point for your exhibition. Additionally, take a look at a few tips to draw the attention of prospective customers.

Work on Your Display

Make sure the displays are well lit and labeled, with themed products grouped intelligently, rather than cluttered with odd assortments, according to an article on Fresh Business Thinking. Make sure your kiosk is eye pleasing to attract the masses from a distance. If possible, choose a strategic location to put up your work to catch more attention.

Note Important Information

To win repeat business and find relevant buyers, keep track of the people visiting your stall. This could be anyone who has shown an interest, enquired about your charges or simply struck up a conversation about your Titanic model cruise ship. Keep a spreadsheet handy to input data like name and contact details. This would be helpful to prepare for a follow-up list later.

Display Relevant Products

Pick a Titanic model, passenger boats and liners, modern military tanks or fishing vessels from reputed replica experts. Along with your own creations, consider displaying them too. This way, you are also presenting yourself as a collector with a genuine interest in the field, rather than simply being focused on making money. Engage with visitors and talk about the history of various ships to spark their curiosity and help generate leads.

Seek Help from Peers 

If you have people you have worked with in the past or have friends who are ready to support you, make sure to seek their help, according to an article on Creative Bloq. This will make sure the counter with the precious RMS Titanic wooden model ship or other valuable products is not left unattended. You can take breaks and meet people from the industry, while your team is engaging with visitors. Another smart move is to involve student volunteers looking for work experience to assist you.

Know Your Competitors Well

This is going to be of immense help for positioning your display. If you are a newbie, set up your display near a well-established brand. This will help you get noticed by customers and might pull in more traffic than expected. Plus, you can analyze your competitors and create unique marketing moves to stand out from the crowd.

Besides following these helpful tips, be there on time, dress appropriately and plan your budget wisely. These will highly improve your chances of generating progressive leads.

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