5 Tips to keep yourself updated with crypto news

Cryptocurrency is an electronic existence of money it can be called digital money. The aim behind its technology is to solve some of the most significant discomfort points about traditional bills. Cryptocurrency is a trading technique that has high reward as well as high-risk probability. In crypto trading there is no guaranteed money, however as many people make a living by trading cryptocurrency it is a highly profitable method to make money, but it may not be for everyone. It can be difficult at times to keep up-to-date with crypto news about what, where, and how things are happening.

Although it’s a fact that we all have the news at our fingertips, still what might be worth paying attention to, it’s not always obvious. We are going to discuss some of the most important ways to keep updated by crypto news. By knowing the exact platforms it will give us worthy information as well as keep us updated.

Coin Gecko:

Coin gecko is a website that offers the investors of cryptocurrency to track the popularity of their preferred tokens or coins and activity rate. Coin Gecko gives updates on Information and the latest cryptocurrency statistics. The users of coin gecko can find trading volumes, current market prices, and market capitalization. Coin gecko is especially useful for comparing the number of cryptos at once

Crypto Twitter:

If you are a crypto investor and you are on Twitter you wouldn’t miss any crypto news. From the entire crypto community, the crypto Twitter is a source of news, discussions, and thoughts. Therefore, Twitter is a platform that can keep you updated with the declaration about token listing and other things that are happening in the crypto world.

On-Chain Metrics & Analytics Tools:

By using the websites such as ‘’Glass-node’’ and ‘’Into the Block’’ you can find the updated data and analytics from the blockchain. Glass-node is a source where you can get statistics, data and you can compare the data about the number of new crypto reports. As well as you can also explore on-chain data and metrics crosswise to many popular blockchains.


As crypto news is often time-sensitive somehow if you are unable to watch it live. Youtube is the best source for exploring discussions about cryptocurrencies to get updated.If you’re unaware about the Good Morning Crypto is the full package of the latest news, insights, and updates, as well as it’s had an interactive Questions and answers session. Some other prominent YouTubers are also producing regular content for updating crypto news.


Blogs are a great source to keep updated with the trends of cryptocurrencies and financial markets for free. Through blogs, you can come to know the daily updates about the affairs of cryptocurrencies.

Several platforms can also help in providing authentic information about crypto news to let you updated Such as CoinDesk, Bitcoin Magazine, Reddit are the website by which you can find out your desired queries.

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