5 Tips to Maximize Your Personal Injury Compensation

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An injury sustained from negligence can take its toll on you emotionally and leave a substantial financial budget on you and your family. The law provides personal injury settlements to alleviate the suffering caused after a major incident and help the family survive if the victim is deceased or can no longer continue working due to disability or mental distress.

Getting an experienced lawyer who will listen to your case and effectively help you navigate a personal injury lawsuit can get you very fair compensation. For example, a Virginia personal injury lawyer got their client a $37.8 million settlement for a defective tire. That is a considerable amount that can instantly change your life, and it’s possible to get huge settlements if you follow certain tips and tricks.

How to Get the Best Offer on Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

1. Don’t Settle Too Quickly

It’s very common for people to take the first offer the insurance company offers them because they feel like they can’t get better offers. That’s a fallacy because it’s precisely what the insurance company was banking on when making the offer. Their first offer is often low because they know that the victim might need the money to settle their medical bills, losses, and other expenses.

You should look at their initial offer and judge if it’s reasonable or too low. If it’s too low, you should reject the offer as you explain why you should be compensated. If the offer is fair, you can negotiate to get an even better deal because they will always give you a figure below their limit.

2. Keep a Detailed Record

Have all your documents with evidence, witnesses, police reports and medical reports ready if anyone asks for them. From the moment the incident happened, you should start keeping a record because they corroborate your statements. Detailed records help the proceedings go faster, as everything you say can be verified with evidence.

3. Act Quickly

Some people make the mistake of taking too long to decide whether they want to pursue legal action. They miss the fact that most personal injury cases have a statute of limitations that can prevent them from pursuing a settlement. You need to start the process as soon as possible after the incident to have enough time to collect evidence, get a lawyer, and heal from your injuries.

4. Work with Experts to Evaluate the Amount You Deserve

You might not know how much you should be getting if you choose to file a settlement, but once you engage experts such as a personal injury attorney, they might be able to get you accurate figures. Knowing what you deserve before going into a negotiation helps you know if the insurance company is trying to lowball you.

5. Use Emotional Points to Your Advantage

If you are dealing with an insurance adjuster, a sure way to get a better settlement is to appeal to their emotions. Use photographs of serious injuries, beer bottles in case of drunk driving etc. Present an emotional argument to support your cause, such as an orphaned child or inability to support your family, which can work to your advantage.

Knowing When to Engage an Attorney

Going through the process of presenting a personal injury claim may get difficult down the road, hence the need to get a personal injury lawyer. They can help you understand the dos and don’ts of such cases and even help you negotiate better settlements because of their experience. Your ability to know when to leave the work to the professionals can also help you maximize your compensation.

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