5 Tips to Overcome Your Google Ads Account Suspension

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Every year, Google suspends ad accounts that violate their policies, from suspicious payments to using redirects on landing pages or simply offering extremely generous discounts that seem like a scam. There are numerous reasons Google suspends ad accounts, but that doesn’t mean it’s always permanent. With a little time and effort, you might be able to restore your suspended Google Ads account.

If you’ve had your Google Ads account suspended, it’s time to start the journey to recover your account. Getting your account back isn’t a simple task and you’ll do best if you can hire a marketing agency to do it for you. However, if you prefer to do this on your own, here are some tips to maximize the chances of recovery.

  1. Accept that your account might not be recoverable

It’s a worst-case-scenario to face, but the sooner you come to terms with the possibility, the easier it will be to move forward. Accept that your Google Ads account might not be recoverable. Most appeals aren’t accepted, and while there are plenty of success stories of people who have gotten their appeals approved, it doesn’t happen all the time.

Getting prepared for this possibility will help you write a better appeal because you won’t feel desperately attached to a positive outcome. When you feel less desperate, you’ll be in a clearer space to write a compelling appeal and keep your frustration out of your appeal.

  1. Don’t create a new ads account

While talking with a Google service rep about your suspension, they might tell you to just create a new account. However, this is a bad idea and will get your new account suspended quickly, especially if you use the same email address or payment method. Google’s automated algorithms will detect this information as a match and automatically shut down your new account.

Since creating a new account is a direct violation, this is always a bad idea. With an additional suspended account, you’ll struggle harder to get your first account reinstated.

  1. Identify your policy violation

You can’t fix your policy violation if you can’t find it. Unfortunately, this can be a little tougher than expected. You’d think that Google would email you all the details with everything your account did wrong, including a list of the ads or actions that violated the terms of use. However, this isn’t the case.

Most people find it extremely frustrating that Google is intentionally vague when informing people their account has been suspended. The vagueness makes sense – they can’t give away the secrets to getting around their policies. However, that makes it harder to figure out what went wrong.

Still, it’s important to look into your account to find the policy violation that led to your account suspension. Once you find it, fix it. 

  1. Submit an appeal

Google’s account suspension policies are pretty easy to understand, but the details regarding what gets appeals approved is a little convoluted. Nobody really knows exactly how to get accounts reinstated since there isn’t a formula, but professional marketing agencies that help people recover their accounts know a fair bit about what works.

If you’re going to submit an appeal to Google, your best bet is to work with a professional agency that has experience submitting appeals. You’ll find agencies with a track record of getting successful reinstatements know how to best go about crafting a compelling appeal. It’s not an exact science, but you’ll stand a better chance this way.

If you feel like you want to write an appeal on your own, you can do that. Just know that you’ll get the best results by leaving out all emotion and don’t put the blame on Google. If you’re aware of the violation, don’t try to justify it. Make your case clearly and professionally, but don’t blame, shame, or otherwise take out your frustration against Google

  1. Follow the rules to the letter after a reinstatement

If you do happen to get your Google Ads account reinstated, make sure to follow the rules to the letter afterward. Chances are, your account will be monitored for a while to make sure you don’t commit the same violation or any other violation. If you end up with a suspended account for a second time, you’ll be far less likely to win a second reinstatement.

Use alternative ad platforms

Although Google will bring you the most traffic, it’s important to use other PPC ad platforms to advertise. While you’re waiting to hear back about your appeal, pursue other options for ads so you’re not completely dependent on Google. This way, you’ll have a platform to fall back on if your appeal isn’t accepted.

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