5 Tips You Need to Know to Choose PCB Factory

Getting a suitable printed circuit board for your electronic devices is not as easy as it sounds. Choosing the wrong PCB manufacturer will put your business and electronic products at a big risk. 

But the good news is that there are several ways to choose a reliable PCB manufacturer. For instance, researching about the manufacturer, reading customer reviews and feedback, and comparing multiple PCB manufacturers can help reduce the risk of hiring an unreliable manufacturer.  

Here are five tips you need to know to make things easier for you when selecting a PCB factory.

Things to consider when selecting a PCB factory

Manufacturing capacity

The manufacturing capacity is the first and most important thing you need to check when choosing a PCB factory. Does the manufacturer have the capacity to produce the PCBs you need?

You need to understand that the quality of printed circuit boards affects your products’ performance. Therefore, it is important to ensure the factory meets the manufacturing capacity. 

Some of the aspects that should be displayed in PCB manufacturing capacity include:

  • Certificates – the PCB factory should have the certificates to show it can produce the circuit boards. Moreover, the certification means they will stick to the regulations and be able to produce high-quality products. 
  • Equipment – the factory needs to have up-to-date equipment. For instance, it should be capable of printing even the tiny components required. 
  • Technology – another vital aspect when it comes to manufacturing capacity is technology. The factory should be capable of using the latest technology in the market. 
  • Component sourcing – the manufacturer, should be ready to accept components supplied by the clients, or the components procured by them should be qualified. 
  • Services – another important aspect is the service provided by the manufacturer. For example, the factory should be capable of offering timely delivery and should be responsive. 

Quality control

Even though it is good to have a budget in mind, quality is one factor you should not cut corners on. In addition, you need to ensure there is quality control in the manufacturing company you choose. The quality of the circuit boards is the main factor in the manufacturing process. 

Therefore, the factory should be able to detect any defects as soon as possible. This will save time and cost. Moreover, the PCBs need to be verified before the assembly process. Even though there are various stages where PCBs are tested, you need to confirm that the factory has put quality control measures in the manufacturing process. 

On-time delivery

Time is money. Hence, any manufacturer should be in a position to meet your timeline. Moreover, they should let you know what is going on ahead of time. 

Therefore, the PCB factory you choose should be capable of providing timely delivery. However, there is always a disconnect between the manufacturer and client concerning the OTD. Therefore, the factory needs to clarify what OTD means. 

In most cases, on-time delivery does not mean delivering the PCBs on a particular date. However, it can be defined as several days before the due date. The due date is the final receiving delivery date. 

However, with constant communication, you should be able to know the progress of the manufacturing. This will give you a chance to hold the manufacturer accountable on time. Nevertheless, some manufacturers offer track service to help you know the progress. 

It is also a good idea to review customer reviews and feedback to help you know whether the factory can deliver the products on time. If there are too many complaints from the clients, the factory might not deliver your products on time. 

Competitive cost

Even though the cost is not the only factor you should check when choosing a PCB manufacturer, it is one of the most important factors to consider. Nevertheless, you need to have a budget. 

Hence, it would help if you went for a factory that is not too cheap or too expensive for your project. Hence, figure out your PCB product cost and always keep that in mind when looking for a PCB manufacturer. 

You need to ensure the printed circuit board costs are affordable so that you can see a return on the product. However, you need to maintain the quality of the board as well. Remember, PCBs are critical to the electronic gadgets they run. Hence, do not compromise quality with cost. 

You need to balance the cost and quality of the printed circuit board. This will ensure you choose a reliable PCB manufacturer and receive quality circuit boards for your products. 


Before a full production run, it is crucial to ensure the printed circuit board works correctly. You do not want to start a full production only to find the PCBs have some faults. 

Therefore, when choosing a PCB factory, you must ensure they provide prototyping services. Similar to CNC rapid prototyping,PCB prototypes can offer quick turn products for testing. A prototype helps analyze the functionality and design of a printed circuit board before production. 

And since PCB prototyping seems like a serious process, it is essential to select experts to handle the process. Go for a company that provides quick-turn PCB prototypes. Moreover, the manufacturer should be able to provide customized and effective PCB prototypes.  


Knowing the factors to consider when choosing a PCB factory is beneficial to your business. Knowing the tips from on-time delivery to costs and quality control will help you choose a reliable and trustworthy PCB manufacturer. 

Keep in mind that choosing a manufacturer is not a walk-in-the-pack. However, if you use the above tips, you will make the process a bit simpler. Make sure you look for quality and experience and be within your budget. 

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