5 Top Reasons to Study Nursing Online

When it comes to studying any subject, there is no set time limit on when you can start. In 2022, and indeed, in the last 10 years, more people than ever are choosing to begin studying for degrees and other qualifications later in life, meaning that there has been an influx at most universities and colleges of mature students. 

However, studying for a degree later in life can pose a few issues. For one thing, you may have to balance your studies alongside work, children, and other commitments which need to be attended to. So, it is more likely that if you are a mature student, you will need a more flexible education. 

This is no different when it comes to the ‘hands-on’ areas of study, such as nursing. Even though nursing is very much a ‘learn on the job’ career, there are still online nursing courses that will allow you to get your foot in the door with this profession. Does that mean you will lose out by not attending a university campus? Absolutely not, and in this article, 5 reasons why you should study an online nursing BSc will be explored. 


As mentioned before, one key reason why you study for an online nursing bachelor degree is the flexibility that comes with an online course. 

You will need to attend placement for that hands-on training and learning, but the rest is done online, meaning that there will be no (or very few) lectures to attend to obtain the qualification and the associated knowledge.

This means that you will be able to fit the course around other commitments, such as a job and maintaining your family, without the course taking over completely. 


You may be surprised to learn that on-campus college and university courses in the US are more expensive than courses taught online. This is because when the course is taught in person, there are tuition fees that must be paid, along with commuting costs, lodging, and the other expenses that on-campus students must pay for, like coffee.

When you opt to do a nursing degree online, you will not need to pay for commuting to and from the university, you will have fewer course-related fees that need to be paid, and you will not have to pay for student lodgings. So, over the 3 years, you will be able to save yourself quite a bit of money. 


You may have concerns that choosing an online nursing course over an on-campus one will mean that you are left on your own to sort through the material, learn the skills, and complete the assignments. This is not the case and all nursing programs that are taught online allow you to interact with other students who are on your course, as well as the professors and trainers as and when you need to. 

Of course, as it is online, you will also have access to chatrooms, forums, and other groups based around the course, meaning you will never be short of places to go when you need help with an assignment. In fact, most on-campus students communicate with their professors and tutors via email anyway, so this style of course and communication will not put you at a disadvantage.


When it comes to studying any online course, another benefit is that you can choose the speed that the course goes at and the pace that you learn. 

Some universities in the US offer competency-based RN to BSN nursing programs, which will allow you to go through the curriculum and learn the skills at your own pace, and then advance onto the next level of study within the course by displaying competencies in set areas of nursing. So, you won’t advance until you are ready to.


And finally, online nursing courses allow those who are in rural areas (and may struggle to commute to and from campus) to gain access to the required resources to train as a nurse. This is also a boon if you are someone who has limited mobility and would require specialized transportation to get to the nearest university. Online courses around nursing are accessible from your own home, meaning you also won’t have to worry about traveling and you can choose the college or university that you attend based on its reviews and student employability, not on its location. This will also allow you to be choosier about which university you attend based on the types of nursing courses that they offer.

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