5 Top Steps to Protect Your Business from a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Florida

Business owners face risks that could harm their business or their profits. These risks include being sued for a personal injury on their property. Slips, trips, and falls are among the most common reasons businesses are sued for premises liability in Florida. Personal injury lawsuits can be very costly and disruptive for a business. 

A business owner can reduce the risk of loss by taking steps to protect their business instead of dealing with a lawsuit after it is filed. Below are five steps to protect your business from a personal injury lawsuit in Florida. If your business is being sued for a personal injury claim, you can always contact a lawyer for more information.

Understand Florida Premises Liability Laws 

Property owners in Florida are responsible for maintaining safe premises. Premises liability laws protect a person’s right to expect reasonably safe conditions when they are lawfully on someone else’s property. However, the property owner’s duty of care may vary.

Therefore, talk with an experienced premises liability lawyer to learn about your duties as a property owner, business, or other party with control over the premises. Understanding your legal obligations helps you take steps to protect your business from a personal injury lawsuit in Florida. 

Routinely Inspect Premises 

Some property owners have a duty of care to inspect their premises for dangerous conditions and hazards. It is a good idea for all businesses to practice this requirement. 

Routine inspections of the premises help you discover situations that could pose a risk to people entering the property. The sooner you know about a situation, the quicker you can remedy the matter to reduce the risk of injury to clients, customers, and others visiting your business. 

Repair Damage and Remove Hazards Promptly

If you discover damage to any area of the property, place warning signs immediately to alert people to the danger. Then, repair the damage as quickly as possible. 

Whenever feasible, block off the area and keep warning signs in place to keep people from accessing the area with the damage. For example, if you have a damaged step on the stairs, rope off the area to prevent people from using the stairs until you repair the step. 

If you identify a hazard on your property, you must decide the level of action required to avoid injury. For example, the release of a toxic substance may require evacuation and closing the business until the substance is removed. However, a pothole in the parking lot may only require roping off the area and placing warning signs around the area until you fix the pothole. 

Train Employees and Staff About How to Handle Accidents and Injuries 

You need to be prepared for anything that could happen on the property. Holding routine safety meetings and training helps employees understand the risks and how to handle safety matters. 

Teach employees how to deal with hazards and risks that could cause injuries to people coming onto the premises. Also, train employees how to handle accidents and injuries, including calling for emergency medical services and documenting the situation. 

Install Cameras Throughout the Business 

Installing cameras might not prevent your business from being sued for a personal injury, but they can help defend your business from the lawsuit. A camera can capture evidence proving a claim is fraudulent or that the victim contributed to the cause of their injury. Before installing cameras, consult an attorney regarding Florida’s laws for surveillance cameras to avoid breaking the law or invading someone’s privacy. 

Purchase Premises Liability Insurance 

Even with the best efforts, your company might be named in a personal injury lawsuit. Purchasing sufficient premises liability insurance coverage can help reduce out-of-pocket costs for a personal injury lawsuit. Depending on the type of business you operate, you may also want to consider increasing and/or adding to the coverage for general liability insurance

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Contact a lawyer immediately if your business is sued for a slip and fall accident or another personal injury claim. An attorney will explain your legal options and help you determine the best way to deal with the lawsuit. 

Your insurance company may provide a lawyer to defend the lawsuit. Still, obtaining legal advice from an attorney with your best interests as their only priority is always beneficial.