5 Types of Heavy and Outsized Cargoes You Can Ship by Air Charter

Aircraft charters have been around for years and have been primarily used for individual or group business or special flights.

However, private jets also serve the important function of transporting various types of goods, including heavy and outsized cargoes.

Many air charter services also double as heavy-lift shipping companies. They have specially modified aircraft that offer transportation solutions for heavy and outsized items that need to be delivered immediately, which regular shipping service providers can’t provide.

Moreover, certain oversized cargoes cannot be transported by trucks or marine vessels. They can be accommodated by private jets since these vehicles often have fewer restrictions regarding the shipment they can carry

Heavy and Outsized Items Best Shipped by Air Cargo Charter

Below are the five types of bulk and heavy cargoes you can ship by air cargo charter:

1.    Large medical equipment

CT scanners, MRI machines, medical lasers, and imaging equipment, and other devices are crucial for hospitals and clinics to operate efficiently and provide patients the medical care and treatment they need.

When these facilities do not have these technologies and need to get them immediately, medical device manufacturers and suppliers have to ship the essential equipment as soon as possible to ensure their customers receive them in the shortest time possible.

Moreover, manufacturers and suppliers have to ensure their customers receive these large, sensitive devices in pristine, fully operational condition.

If you need to ship oversized and sensitive medical equipment in the shortest time possible, an air cargo charter is your best option.

Providers of air cargo charter services do not have fixed flight schedules, meaning they can fly and deliver their shipment at any time. Additionally, they have more destinations, allowing them to go nearly anywhere in the world.

Moreover, air charter companies have jet planes with modified cabins that permit them to hold bulky, fragile machines, such as specialized medical equipment, securely.

The modified cabins are also more spacious, which means you can send more than one medical device to several customers when you lease a private jet.

2.    Heavy equipment and machinery parts

Aside from medical equipment, air cargo charter companies are also more capable of shipping heavy equipment and parts.

Shipping heavy machinery and parts by air is a safer, efficient strategy since transporting them by sea puts them at risk of rusting.

The holds of sea vessels are usually kept dry. However, during the journey, water from leaks and other problems can cause moisture to develop, which can bring about rust in the machine and other cargo.

This is not a problem you will encounter with air cargo charter since water will be kept out of the jet and its contents at all times. Additionally, the cabin is temperature-controlled.

This means humidity and other conditions are regulated, thereby minimizing the possibility of any temperature-related damage affecting the cargo.

However, there is a limit to the weight and size of heavy machinery that private jets can carry. Before deciding to transport them by air cargo charter, speak with a company staff to find out if they can accommodate the equipment you need to ship.

3.    Vehicles

Whether you are selling vehicles or want to ship your car overseas in the fastest time possible, opting for an air cargo charter is a smart decision.

Since you are hiring a private plane, you can send the vehicle anytime and anywhere. The recipient will also get the vehicle sooner, especially when compared with sea freight and road transportation, which often take longer.

Additionally, cargoes shipped through private jets also usually do not need to undergo strict customs clearance procedures.

These processes, which include cargo inspection and customs clearance, require some time for completion. This means that the vehicle will have to stay in a warehouse for several days or weeks.

This is a problem you won’t have to deal with when you opt for an air cargo charter since the vehicle can be cleared within less than a day.

4.    Bulk food products

If you are a food product producer, manufacturer, or supplier and have to ship goods in large amounts, investing in air cargo charter services is a good decision.

Foodstuff, such as fresh, packaged, frozen, partially processed, and other products, are often challenging to transport since they have a short shelf life and a high probability of spoilage.

When you ship food products by sea, there is a chance that they may stay several months onboard the vessel while they are transported between ports. As a result, your customers may end up receiving spoiled goods.

This translates to a loss of money and food waste on the part of your customer. This will also affect their operations and cause you various problems as well.

Chartered cargo jets usually have direct flights, which reduces the travel time of your food products. Moreover, they do not have to sit in a warehouse for several days, which will also affect the quality and shelf life of the goods.

Additionally, chartered planes have temperature-controlled cabins, which help maintain the quality of your food products.

All these features of air cargo charter services ensure your customers receive your food products quickly and in good quality, still safe for consumption.

5.    Dry bulk cargo

Aside from food, machinery, and vehicles, chartered planes can also transport other dry products used in various industries, such as medical, manufacturing, construction, and electronics.

These include HDPE pipes, prefabricated building materials, minerals, and ores.

Certain minerals and ores, which are needed for manufacturing a variety of regular and specialized items, are often scarce in certain places.

These include copper, which is a key component of electrical wires, computer chips, smartphones, and vehicles, and nickel, an essential material used in producing coins, power cells, and jet engines.

Customers requiring bulk supplies of these products can benefit greatly from air cargo charter.

Aside from the prompt delivery to any place, chartered planes used for cargo delivery have specially designed cabins that will hold the goods in place. You can be sure they won’t shift, become damaged, or cause any accident while onboard the plane.

When shipping volatile dry goods, you have to follow strict packing rules to ensure they are secure throughout their journey. It is best to speak with the air charter company staff to find out if you can transport such products and their recommended preparation techniques.

Air cargo charters can transport these bulk and oversized goods and more. Make sure you work with the right service provider so you can have a hassle-free and successful shipping experience.

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