5 Types of Online Businesses Doing Well Under the New Normal

During the pandemic, many aspects of our lives have changed. People call it the new normal, and it can be scary for some. But the new normal could also mean new opportunities for some.

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In this article, I want to talk about five types of online businesses that thrive under the new normal. While most of the economy is in the dumps, sites like Economy Dumpster are helping people get ahead, so make sure you check it out. I hope this article could give you new ideas and hopes to get yourself back on your feet again. And who knows, perhaps this might be the start of a new successful business.

1. E-commerce

Let’s open the article with the biggest industry in the digital world today, e-commerce. E-commerce has grown massively in the past decade, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. While many businesses are closed down during the new normal, e-commerce is still as strong as ever.

The biggest advantage that e-commerce has over brick-and-mortar shops in the absence of physical stores. Online shops don’t rely on physical location, foot traffic, and other limiting aspects of a physical store.

And with many people are stuck indoors, online shopping has become their favorite past times. Online purchasing may as well become a permanent adoption rather than just a temporary trend. This is why many business owners are encouraged to build their online presence and help their customers to connect with them online.

2. Gaming

Speaking of resilience and adaptability, video games are the kings. With more people are staying indoors, playing video games is one of the best ways to spend their time. The sales of video game consoles, computer parts, and video games have increased by a significant number in the US alone.

People who sell video games related products are happier and busier than before. In the future, there will be new products and services offered by video game companies that will capture everyone’s attention. And considering that the video game industry has become a real challenger for the music and movie industries, now is the best time to join in.

3. Beauty products

Beauty products are always changing and evolving. And with the help of online shopping and social media influencers, these products are going to be more and more popular. If you haven’t noticed already, beauty products are always linked with fitness and well brands, and beauty vlogging on Instagram and YouTube.

Beauty products are one of the most popular products being sold online. Also, don’t forget that it’s difficult to visit a hair and nail salon nowadays. So people have to look online at how to maintain their beauty at home.

4. Foreign snacks

Not many people know that foreign snacks are selling like hotcakes. Even before the new normal, people are already buying a lot of foreign snacks that most people can’t get without traveling overseas. Obviously, this is mainly because traveling can be expensive and not everyone has the budget and time to do it.

The idea of selling foreign snacks is even more attractive under the new normal. Traveling abroad has become more restrictive and dangerous, so buying foreign snacks is more difficult than before.

If you’re planning to sell foreign snacks, it’s best to understand your audience better. What kinds of snacks are they looking for? What about the price range and country of origin? But of course, you can always try getting everything to diversify your inventory.

This online business idea is also very flexible and scalable. For example, aside from selling foreign snacks, you can also sell other niche and unique items. There are so many items you can sell, the more unique and bizarre, the better.

5. Online private tutoring

Education is always a challenge during difficult times. Many parents are scared of Covid-19, but they’re also worried about their kids’ education. This is why online private tutoring has become more popular under the new normal.

There are so many ways to approach this online business. You can create an account on many freelancing platforms or advertise yourself to local parents. There are also many tools you can use to make teaching more enjoyable, such as Zoom or Google Meet, YouTube, and other fun materials and ideas.


Under the new normal, things can get chaotic. But online businesses like an Altera supplier are flexible and adaptive, which means that you can always build an online business that thrives under any conditions.

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