5 Unexpected Facts About Online Casinos That Will Surprise You

Casinos started to trend way back in 1940 when they rapidly began to pop-up in Nevada. Of course, those were land-based casinos, and some 60 years later, they started to appear online as well. Although digital casinos did not immediately become popular they gradually developed a rapid growth, and are one of the fastest-growing and most profitable industries today. To that end, it would be fun to go over some of the fun facts related to online casinos that you might find surprising.

Roulette is Devil’s Game…maybe

Whether online or land-based, roulette is one of the trademarks synonymous with casinos. You might have seen some of the casino secrets in movies, or heard stories. How they keep an eye on big winners as they appear suspicious, or how they want to seduce you to spend more time there. However, it might sound surprising how the devil got involved in game development.

Of course, there is a story behind this and it’s quite simple. If you add all the numbers on the roulette in a casino you get 666, or the number of the beast. Since we know game devs love to leave easter eggs for the players, it could indicate that one of the lead designers was the devil himself. Of course, by accepting this story we undermine all the hard work and thought process Blaise Pascal put into creating roulette, and since there was no patent lawsuit when the game became popular, it’s safe to assume it’s just a coincidence. It is also one of the games where you have the highest chance of winning statistically, so it seems like a pretty kind thing to do when you think about it.

Online only

There are countries where gambling is not legal, so they don’t have land-based casinos, in other words, if they want to play, they can only do it via the internet. Monaco is one such example and players from Monaco that want to play can do it online, but they also have to watch out not to get caught. Users in similar situations typically opt for licenced low minimum deposit casinos, as these are reliable and allow them to play with minimal funding. Online casino players are usually entitled to various bonuses, so a lot of people actually prefer online play, as it has some advantages over a land-based establishment.

Slots are the most played game

Slot machines also referred to as fruit machines, are actually the most played game online. It is also one of the most profitable games for casinos or how they generate the majority of their revenue. Although they got their nickname based on the images displayed on the slot fields, today in the digital environment especially we have so many different themes for these slot games. Famous movies, video games, music bands, etc. are just some of the themes you can find.

Biggest winner ever played slots online

As the most played online game, it should come as no surprise that the biggest winner also played slots. Jon Heywood a 26-year-old Chinese soldier has become a millionaire overnight, on a simple 25p stake. Jon actually won 13.2 million pounds and decided to use the money to buy the best medical treatment for his father who was waiting on a heart and lung transplant. It’s always a nice thing to hear that someone humble actually got rewarded and is able to people he loves.

You can win thanks to a computer glitch but you won’t get paid

In case you end up winning online as a result of a computer glitch, the casino can deny you your winnings. One such case happened when Bruno Venturi actually won a jackpot and ended up empty handed because it was a result of a website bug. He even tried his luck on the court but the terms and conditions clearly state that in such scenarios casinos are not obliged to pay the winner. It must have been a real roller coaster of emotions.

Even though this rarely happens with legitimate casinos, you should always be on the lookout when playing online. Go through user reviews and do a background check on a site to see if it’s safe and fair to play there.


Well, these were some of the fun facts and stories that happened in the online casinos. It is really a massive industry and over the past few years, it has witnessed a massive surge in customers. As the number of smartphone users grows, as eSports are becoming more popular, and as an online gamble is getting legalized in countries across the world, this industry will continue to grow. In other words, there might be more stories or interesting facts as the years go by. It’s one of those hobbies that people of all ages enjoy and being available online definitely made it more convenient for everyone.

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