5 Video Production Trends to Keep in Mind Before Your Next Project

It’s no surprise that video marketing is number 1 among all other kinds of marketing today. Ever since the inception of television, and its much-vaunted entry in people’s living rooms, video consumption has outstripped the usage of every other medium on the planet. The advent of technology has only accelerated the growth of video, with smartphones, tablets, and VR devices amplifying the way we see the visual medium.

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With the consumption growth, the visual medium has now branched out into several forms. Today, video is not just the traditional video that we’ve been used to seeing in the last 2 decades – videos can now be VR (Virtual Reality), Vlogs, Ephemeral, 360 degrees, and more!

Here are a few interesting video production trends that are here to stay:

Long Live, Live Video

Introduced in 2017 by Facebook, Live Video has been an important marketing tool for several brands for a few years now. While its effectiveness may have reduced on Facebook, Live Video has adapted quite well to several other sites like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch, where it still manages to capture a sizable audience. What works in favor of Live Video is the fact that it is interactive, free-flowing, and most importantly, LIVE! The audience loves the unpredictability and the freshness this particular format brings to the viewing table. What needs to be kept in mind, however, is to use this format judiciously for your brand, for it to work in your favor.

An all-round video with the Interactive 360-degree video feature

If there’s anything that viewers love more than video, it’s interacting with one! It’s an enormously popular format, which is bound to gain more eyeballs with time. Imagine experiencing iconic sporting events, breath-taking locations, stunning views, and more, from just the comfort of your home – that’s what interactive 360-degree video tech promises to do. And with great strides being made in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), Interactive 360-degree video can give your brand, and product, the competitive edge it needs in today’s market.

Shop as you watch with shoppable videos

Imagine watching an ad on your laptop, which you’re about to skip, but then your mouse hovers over the product, and voila- you get a small pop-up showing you all the product details, including the price, make, quality, etc. It’d make you stop and consider, wouldn’t it? That’s what shoppable videos do for your brand. By smartly integrating product details in the backend, or via a link, shoppable videos make sure that the viewers know what they need to know about the product even while watching an ad that may not give them all the details. This format has taken off on Instagram, and Snapchat – but its usability is being expanded across other mediums.

Get high fidelity from viewers, with lo-fi vlogs

Vlogging is a bit of a conundrum for most brands – people usually make fun of video blogs, but they also account for one of the highest viewership numbers when it comes to video formats across the internet. Originally starting from YouTube, vlogging has successfully jumped onto other platforms, like Instagram and Snapchat. A lot of vloggers today make branded, lo-fi content on their Instagram handle, easily navigating through the 60-second restriction. Others have used vlogging as plug-in content in between their polished videos that drop every week, fortnight, or month. Whatever the case may be, people love watching vloggers, because it makes them feel like the vlogger is talking to them, and not at them, irrespective of the quality of the production.

How-to videos are the next big thing

What do you do, when you find the DIY kit to make your home ready for Christmas, does not come with detailed instructions? You mutter for 5 minutes, and immediately jump onto the next how-to-video that is available online, of course! How-to videos, or instructional videos, have become an integral part of our everyday lives for the smallest of things. What’s more, is that brands are slowly waking up to this fact, and are, therefore, putting out instructional videos for their products on the internet.


Higher brand visibility = more product awareness = greater brand loyalty

These are a few trends that video marketers across the world have started to capitalize on, to ensure their product, and brand is always in sight, and mind. If you want your brand to achieve the kind of visibility you want to achieve, you have to throw your hat into the video ring. Don’t know where to begin? You can always start by looking at production companies like Shootsta (Read more about Shootsta in London, here),which specializes in creating high-quality videos that fit your brief, and your needs.

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