5 Ways Hughes Marino Has Transformed Tenant Representation

Hughes Marino began 11 years ago because its founders felt the industry was deeply flawed. When its CEO received his real estate license by the age of 18, the then-rookie broker soon realized he had a passion for tenant representation that would stick with him throughout his entire career. 

“We’re leveling the playing field for all of these disenfranchised companies within this commercial real estate game that have many times been taken advantage of by the industry,” he says. “So that’s been my mantra. At a core level, what really sets us apart is our 100% focus on corporate tenants, the users of commercial real estate rather than the institutional landlords that control the industry.”

He finds it shocking to see how many companies get taken advantage of without even knowing it. “We are a true tenant representation company; you really need an independent, conflict-free alliance with your broker, and that’s what we provide,” he says.

Hughes Marino, which has thousands of clients, is dedicated to changing how tenant representation is carried out and focuses on corporate tenants in lieu of landlords. The organization’s leadership says it hires top talent to provide total client support working with real estate attorneys, lease audit specialists, and construction managers. The business was founded on the principle that great companies deserve top independent representation. The company sees tenants as the lifeblood of the commercial property field. Here are five ways Hughes Marino has transformed the tenant representation industry.

  • They Act in the Client’s Best Interest 

“We fight for our clients,” Hughes Marino’s CEO says. “People are what matter most. Whether it be buying a building or agreeing to a long-term lease, you need your own representation. You need somebody to protect your interests.” Self-described as the “hardest workers in the room,” the Hughes Marino team consistently works to give tenants outstanding representation.

  • They Focus on Financial Goals and Growth Objectives

Representing clients throughout the nation and the world, Hughes Marino has transformed commercial tenant representation in multiple markets. “We’re about getting our clients the best possible results. We’re revolutionizing our industry and simultaneously changing the game for companies and how they tackle finding solutions to their property requirements,” says Managing Director Tucker Hughes. “Most companies are forced to negotiate against some of the most sophisticated landlords out there, and most people don’t know their options. We want to help companies get educated and truly understand their alternatives and aid in making an informed decision rather than negotiating in a vacuum.” 

  • Hughes Marino Is Not Beholden to Any Landlords

The San Diego-headquartered national tenant representation company has developed a niche by creating leverage for their corporate tenant clients. The company is working to help tenants gain more independence mainly because such a significant component of any company’s operating expenses is typically wrapped up in its property expenses. The business also offers a variety of free resources on its website, hughesmarino.com, to give clients checklists and calculators to cater to clients’ needs. 

  • Hughes Marino Champions the Underdog 

The brand’s leadership says it’s enthusiastic about being committed to serving corporate tenants in an industry that’s traditionally favored the needs of landlords. Regardless of the client’s size, Hughes Marino advocates for all tenants and works to protect them, especially when negotiating deals with landlords. The company says it ditched the old-school dual-agency business model of a commercial property brokerage to shift leverage back to tenants.

  • Hughes Marino Saves Clients Time, Money, and Risk

Co-founder David Marino goes on to say that business owners can find solace in knowing their interests haven’t been compromised and they’ve been given all their options regarding a lease or property purchase. 

Free from the shackles and chains of landlord listings, tenant representation service providers like Hughes Marino are able to deliver that comfort, saving our clients time, risk, and money, so they can get back to running their businesses,” he explains.

The firm’s CEO concurs. Says Hughes: “Everything we do is based on: ‘How can we better serve our clients?’ The first and most important thing that we did to better serve our clients was to establish who we serve. Nearly all of our industry serves professional landlords as its primary customer. We only serve the corporate end user of space: the tenant or buyer who needs space to operate their business.”

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