5 Ways to Boost Business Productivity with Help Desk Software

Technology has changed many aspects of our lives for the better. It has also changed how business is done. Companies now leverage technology to boost productivity and offer better services to their clients. Help desk software has played a key role in this, and its popularity keeps increasing by the day. According to help desk statistics, the help desk solutions market is expected to hit $11 billion in 2023. Here are five ways businesses can boost productivity using help desk software.

1. Have Ready Responses Archived

Most businesses have FAQs and answers on the services and products they offer. You don’t need to type the same response to a commonly asked question. Instead, you can create a list of the frequently asked questions, write the answers for each, and save them in your help desk system. This will help you to resolve tickets faster by only pressing the “send” button when a ticket is raised. For enhanced workflow, choose the right help desk tool that allows for customization and has enough storage.

2. Set Up Email and App Notifications

Quick response to customer queries can increase customer satisfaction and boost your brand’s image. When it comes to customer support, every second counts. 

Stay on top of things by using a mobile app or personalized email notifications. Download the help desk software’s app and receive alerts on your mobile phone any time a customer submits a ticket. If you’re using Gmail, you can use a chrome extension to create a google support ticket system.

3. Focus on One Ticket at a Time

Many people love multitasking but don’t know that multitasking lowers productivity by up to 40% and increases stress levels. This is because you keep switching between incomplete tasks, so it’s hard to get anything done. You can boost productivity by ensuring every member of your team handles one ticket at a time. Choose help desk software that allows support staff to mark all completed tasks before moving to the next ones. They will manage tickets faster and more efficiently.

4. Create an Accountability Culture

When there’s no defined way of managing tickets, a customer rep can ignore a ticket on the help desk thinking a colleague will handle it. Keep everyone focused by encouraging employee accountability. Here’s what you can do:

  • Provide sample answers to common queries so that work doesn’t stop if a unique situation arises
  • Have the system automatically assign tickets to staff members. Support staff will be able to see what’s on their queue
  • Provide clear working instructions to all help desk employees
  • Add project scheduling features to your help desk software to ensure timely handling of each ticket

5. Automate Ticket Routing

You can boost productivity and save more time by only receiving and responding to tickets that are related to your company. With automated ticket routing, tickets are assigned to the agents who are most capable to handle them. Automated ticket routing ensures that every single support ticket is in safe hands. Agents can quickly escalate tickets to higher reps or relevant departments when they don’t have the knowledge, expertise, or authority to handle a customer issue.

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