5 Ways to Create Clean Energy At Home

We’ve all heard of carbon emissions and fossil fuels. Usually, the discussion is about the overarching effects on a global scale. However, these harmful substances released into the atmosphere take an immediate toll on a person’s health. Toxins generate from nonsustainable practices, creating low-quality air and unreliable weather conditions that can impact overall wellbeing.

It’s almost impossible to avoid creating carbon emissions completely, but we can take steps to reduce them by generating clean energy. These five tips for generating clean energy at home will not only be environmentally friendly but stimulate your health and cut your bills down.

1. Get Your Energy from the Sun

When the sunlight makes contact with solar panels, energy is produced. It’s a natural way of generating heat through technology like solar rooftops and mirrors. A solar oven has the same effect on your food; it will make your foods heat up naturally.

Another solution is a solar-powered generator. It will feed off the sun’s energy to keep your house running. You can even purchase a portable solar power station, which will come in handy when you need power on the go.

2. Use Air as a Source

Did you know you could use the wind to power up appliances in your house? It can recharge batteries for things as large as your car, which cuts down the carbon output of your vehicle.

You can take advantage of air as a clean energy source by creating a turbine. Think back to making a pinwheel during school; they would spin when exposed to wind. Apply this concept on a larger scale by bringing a turbine to your property.

You can even create a natural air conditioning system with a wind pump.

3. Get a Hydroelectric System

Also known as tidal power, this energy source comes from the water. This is a great option for people who live near a lake, river, or other large body of water.

You can use it to your advantage by purchasing or creating a micro-hydro power pump. This device is connected with the water, where it is absorbed, rotated, and becomes electricity.

4. Geothermal Solutions

Geothermal solutions involve using the earth as a source of energy. The temperature 10 feet underground is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This stays the same no matter what time, day, or part of the year it is.

A geothermal system will make this work to your advantage. The cooler temperatures from below will be used to bring your house’s temperature down during the months of summer. It can also heat up the cooler months by absorbing heat from the immediate ground.

5. Live off the Land 

Living off the land is a lot of hard work, but the benefits will cut down your bills. You can even eliminate certain expenses that you thought you could never live without. For example, if you grow your own crops, you won’t have to go out and buy groceries.

It’ll also give you independence. Never deal with the supermarket running out of stock. Plus, not buying things also means not dealing with boxes and packaging, which will create less trash. You can even go as far as farming. Not only does this make you self-sufficient, but it can even become an income prospect.

However, you cannot accomplish this without a minimalist mindset. You’ll have to do more, so you’ll need to have less.

Draw From the Earth 

The earth gives us endless resources in the form of its elements. You can always depend on the sun to come up. It’s not going to break and need repairs that cost money, so take advantage of its power. And the same goes with the wind, water, and air.

We guarantee if you do take advantage of these powerful clean resources, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your life. Try just one today and let us know if we were right.

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