5 Ways To Generate Leads On Social Media

Have you ever used social media to generate leads? You miss a huge opportunity to help your business if your answer is no.

Billions of people are using social networks. They share their daily activities, read and watch short reviews of products and movies, learn new things, and even look for jobs on various platforms. If you’re looking for new people, you can consider actively recruiting on LinkedIn, as many top talents are on the platform waiting to be discovered.

Regarding business, social media marketing can help generate tons of leads. However, executing it isn’t simple, as you need to consider some things.

Here are five ways to use social media to generate leads for your company.

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are resources that make a potential customer click on your niche or offer. Giving incentives or something in return to people who share their information on social media is one of the most effective ways to get leads.

Social media users are deal seekers. They search for something that can benefit them. They can find something on social networking sites for personal or professional use or professional life.

For instance, you can create gated contents where potential customers can access it in exchange for their contact information. Once they’ve signed up, you already have a way to communicate and nurture them. However, ensure that the gated content is valuable for them.

You can also provide offers or discounts when they do specific actions on your social media pages, such as liking a particular post or the page itself.

Social Media Ads

As mentioned above, there are billions of users of social media services. In the US alone, a person spends 38 minutes on average on Facebook. This is a perfect opportunity to post ads as it is highly effective.

Since many users spend on social media sites, you can create ads that match your target audience’s interests. For instance, you can create ads to help your audience solve their problems. You can guide them to your sales funnel more efficiently using time-sensitive language.

You can also create ads specifically for specific locations or demographics. This allows you to create more personalized ads to help you generate and nurture leads. Just make sure to identify your audience in the sales funnel so you can address their needs adequately and turn them into sales successfully.

Social Media Influencers

Ads can help you get a good amount of leads. But when it comes to qualified and engaged leads, using influencers is the best.

One of the beautiful things about using influencers is that they already have followers. Imagine if a content creator would talk about your product or company for just a few seconds. You’ll have more visibility, but they’d also trust you as they trust the influencer.

You can collaborate with YouTube video influencers and create content regarding your product or company. This’ll boost lead generation. However, when choosing an influencer, it’s best to choose one with a similar mission and vision as your company has. This will create a healthy relationship, and at the same time, it’ll avoid conflicts in the future.

Referral Campaigns

Another way to boost visibility and generate leads is to offer a referral program where users can invite their families, friends, and relatives. The more people know about your brand, the higher the chances of converting them into sales.

However, don’t just offer a referral program; it can become counterproductive. It’s best to reward your referrers with coupons, discount vouchers, or freebies to ensure its effectiveness.

For instance, you can offer a buy one, get one scheme. Users who refer to a person get the same without paying anything. Offering it for a limited time gives a sense of urgency to people.

You also need to consider the timing. When you offer referral campaigns, make sure they already trust you, for example, after a particular transaction. 

Host a Virtual Event

Hosting a virtual event like an online conference can help get relevant audiences. This will also show your expertise in the field.

For example, if your business is in the clothing industry, you can host a small or community fashion show. You can also sponsor relevant events to increase your business’s visibility.

Hosting an event is a perfect opportunity to share your knowledge in the industry. People will trust you more as you discuss the company’s goals, vision, plans, and events.

You can post the event on your social media pages. Alongside great content, you’ll surely grab everyone’s attention. They would probably join the event and even share it with other people.

Use Social Media To Generate Leads

Social networking sites have billions of potential customers. You can utilize this to reach your target audience.

Using the strategies above will surely get you leads. These will help you reach your potential customers and turn them into sales as you guide them down on your sales funnels. Make sure to track their performance, such as where they are in the sales funnels. That’ll let you know whether it’s time to turn them into sales.

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