5 Ways to get viral on TikTok really fast

TikTok is one of the most widely used applications in the twenty-first century. It’s no surprise that everyone wants their content to go viral on this site. Tiktok has evolved from a place for the younger generations to share amusing videos to a place where people of all backgrounds, regardless of age, can make videos for their followers.

You may have looked for the simplest ways to go viral, such as buy tiktok followers and likes. But you must realize that this is a completely different game. You won’t be able to get more TikTok likes and views in an instant. Discussed below are the five best ways to gain fame on Tiktok instantly.

Post More and Watch More 

Volume is the only key that suits Tiktok’s lock. Make videos that express your artistic side and the unfiltered side of your personality. Since you can’t predict which videos would go viral, you’ll have to upload a tonne.

Often, you will have to devote a significant amount of time to create an impressive video that will flow smoothly once it is released. Other videos that you may not like will gain popularity.

On the platform, the same types of videos do not perform well.

You’ll find everything from professionally edited videos to videos taken with little effort. Since the app lacks unique interest feeds, you’ll have to cater to the general public. This means, adding a climax to the images, staging an unlikely surprise, doing something imaginative, or explaining something mind-blowing.

Some people succeed by demonstrating their pleasant personality and desirable nature, while others succeed by providing realistic and simple DIY hacks. You will become more innovative and brainstorm ideas if you spend more time learning about the platform.

More concise it is, the better it is

A TikTok video is limited to half a minute. Most viral messages, on the other hand, are much shorter. If you’re used to longer material, 60 seconds can seem insufficient. However, it’s more than enough to tell a compelling story, grab attention, deliver value, and gain fans.

You should not upload long videos only because the limit is 60 seconds. Instead, shoot for 20–30 seconds, offer huge value, and try to increase your video’s watch time and rewatch rate. You can always edit your videos in the app after you’ve shot them.

So, whenever you end up with a 60-second clip, consider whether you could make it shorter by cutting out the parts that aren’t necessary. This is the best way to gain more tiktok likes and views.

Catch the Attention

On social media, the normal human attention span is eight seconds, and on TikTok, the number is likely even smaller. You won’t be able to make a difference if you just go out and buy tiktok followers.

As a result, the first few seconds of your video are crucial to your TikTok performance. If you can get a user’s attention right away, they’ll watch your video all the way through. You’ll lose them if the first two seconds are bad.

Start your videos with a bang wherever possible: have a bizarre moment, pose a controversial question, or pique people’s interest in the material you’ll be providing. Users can’t rewind once they start watching a video on TikTok, which gives you a lot of control as a maker.

So, if you catch someone’s attention and they want to see the beginning of your video again, they’ll have to watch the whole thing, which is a huge win for you because it means your content is important and of high quality, and the algorithm rewards you with more visibility.

Try the Trend and Have a Strong Call to Action

On TikTok, there is a discovery page that lists all of the current music, challenges, fights, memes, and formats that you can use when adding your twists and turns. The most important thing a person can do to increase followers and gain more tiktok likes and views is to include a strong call to action.

It’s only normal that Tiktok promotes videos that receive the most views, comments, and shares. As a result, that can be used to your advantage. Use hashtags like “follow for even more,” “comment and like,” and “like for second part” to get more tiktok likes and followers.

You certainly need to create an excellent video, but including a clear call to action could help you get one million likes and thirty thousand new followers rather than one million likes and three thousand new followers.

Controversy Brings Views

Commenting fuels virality once more. People would undoubtedly comment on your video if it is slightly controversial. Controversial videos drive people insane. We don’t mean to imply that you must post something deplorable.

For example, you might demonstrate the practice of putting ketchup on Maggi, which has sparked debate across India and poses no threat. People will immediately begin posting their opinions in the comment section.

At the end of the day, you must love and welcome your critics because they are the ones who will make you famous. And it’s a lot more than the idea of “buy tiktok followers.”


These are some of the most basic methods for gaining attention and going viral on TikTok.The best videos are humorous while also providing value to the audience. If you do that, you’ll gain a loyal following.

Your video will get the same shot to grab the audience’s attention whether you have one follower or one million. It’s all about participation. The bigger your video’s potential audience, the more people who click on it.

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