5 Ways To Maintain A Wedding band

Now you have said “I do,” your vows, exchanged rings, and the wedding ceremony is over. It’s time to relax and enjoy your marital bliss. However, you need to pay attention to some things to ensure that your marital bliss goes on without a problem.

One of the things you need to pay attention to is the wedding bands and their maintenance. This is so that the rings can last as long as your marriage, which ideally is till death do you part. 

This article will discuss tips for making your wedding bands last really long. 

Things to do to make your wedding bands last long

Several newly wedded couples have many questions about marriage, and one major one is how to maintain and care for their wedding rings. Questions like “should I wear my wedding ring to sleep?” “is it ideal to bathe with my wedding bands on?” and so on are questions that many ask. 

These are valid questions you should ask, particularly when you do not know how to care for your wedding bands. Wedding rings can be quite expensive, and you should ensure you take maximum care of them. And not just because they are expensive, but also because of what they symbolize. 

The following are five tips on maintaining your wedding bands and making them as beautiful as they were when you got them. 

1. Ensure you clean the rings regularly. 

Cleaning your ring is really important if you aim to extend its lifespan. To clean your ring, you must drop it in a bowl containing warm water and a few drops of dishwashing detergent. 

Let it stay that way for some time, then remove and clean it dry. Or simply use an old, soft toothbrush, fairy liquid, and warm water, according to Hello magazine.  If your wedding ring is a meteorite ring, then you can use alcohol instead of water and detergent. 

Before cleaning your wedding ring, it is essential that you know what material it is made of. For instance, mens wedding bands are usually made of less shiny and thicker materials, which might be easier to clean than women’s wedding bands.  

The material of the wedding band determines what you can use to clean it and otherwise.  Here are some wedding bands materials and their cleaning tips

  • Wood: It can easily be affected by too much exposure to water, so it is best to avoid soaking them in water. Clean with warm water and mild soap.
  • Titanium: This is a strong wedding band material that is not affected by too much water or sap. Clean it with warm water and mild detergent.
  • Cobalt chrome: This durable and scratch-resistant material is easy to clean and can do with mild soap and water and occasional professional touch. 
  • Gold: This used to be the most popular wedding band until many more took its place because of its sensitivity.  It is liable to scratch and is sensitive to chemicals but does well in a small amount of water. You can simply give it professional cleaning or wash it with water and mild detergent. 
  • Tungsten: This is easy to clean because it is resistant to oxidation, rust, tarnishing, fading, and scratch. But you have to be careful because it is fragile and can easily break.

2. Rings are strong  – but not undamageable. 

People handle their rings without care because they assume that they’re very strong and no harm can befall them. This is more particular to people who use diamonds; they assume that since diamonds are very strong, it is invincible and cannot be damaged. 

True! Rings are strong; however, this does not mean that they can’t be damaged. 

Hence, it is important to use your ring with care. 

Although stones, like diamonds, are considered to be the strongest and hardest metal, they can still crack, chip, or break. 

3. Know when to take off your ring

Several couples and jewelry users most times do not know when to keep their jewelry on and when to take it off. 

It is advised that you take your ring off while in the shower as constant exposure to some scented soaps, beauty, and hair products can cause cloudy buildups on your rings. 

On the other hand, do not take your rings off when you want to wash your hands. This is because mild soap and running water can help to remove particle buildup and clean the rings. 

The most important thing when considering whether or not the occasion requires that you remove your ring is the harshness of the chemicals you will be using. 

4. Store in a cool and safe place

Where do you store your rings when you remove them? Storage is another important part of maintaining a wedding ring. 

Ensure that you store your wedding bands in a safe and dry place to avoid rusting and accumulation of dirt. 

Storing your wedding rings in a safe place will also prevent them from getting unnecessarily misplaced. 

5. Insure your ring

As wedding and engagement rings are probably the most expensive piece of jewelry you have, it is safe to insure them. 

Comprehensive insurance coverage will take care of cases where the ring gets stolen, damaged, or lost. 

There are several jewelry insurance coverage plans, so ensure to get one that suits you.

Taking care of your ring is really important as it symbolizes the love and commitment in the marriage. However, to be able to effectively take care of your ring, you need to be aware of what they are made of.

What are wedding bands made of?

Wedding bands are made from several materials, and you need to understand these materials before you will be able to properly care for your rings. 

The materials that the rings can be made of include; platinum, gold, wood, steel, meteorite, silicone, etc. All materials have their dos and don’ts when it comes to maintaining them. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have some tips on how you can maintain your wedding bands without seeking the help of a professional, ensure that you take proper care of your rings as they not only signify that you are married but also portray how much you care about your marriage

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