5 Ways to promote your Business in YouTube shorts

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YouTube shorts are a new way to promote your company or brand while giving viewers a sneak peek into what you do. As of May 2015, there are over 3 billion videos on YouTube and over 1.3 billion users who watch videos every day. This number is expected to grow as more and more people use YouTube for entertainment, news, education, and fun activities.

There are plenty of benefits to creating an effective YouTube video short; you can increase your YouTube audience with some tricks like purchasing subscribers as well. But you also need to create something people like so they’ll click the “Subscribe” button.

It can be achieved by the following focal points

1) Content

It means that you need to be prepared with your ideas and possible topics. Choose interesting and captivating topics so that viewers will keep watching your video. The content used for the promotion should be interesting and engaging. 

The video should not be used as an advertisement because then it is less likely to be successful. A great place to find videos with engaging content is YouTube. The site has so much content that it’s unlikely the viewer will get bored while watching a five-minute clip, which is the ideal length for a promotion video.

The purpose of the video should also be considered when choosing content to use in promoting something. The goal of the video should determine what kind of content it needs to convey.

2) Production

The creation steps for YouTube Videos include editing, customizing the audio, music, special effects, and more. In addition, you can use a professional camera for better results after shooting. 

The recommended cameras for YouTube videos are those that handle low-light environments well such as cine lenses or cameras with good low-light performance like Canon EOS C500 Cinema Digital Camera with CinemaTactic Focus System – Black (EF-C500).

3) Social Media

Promotion through social media, including youtube shorts is a cost-effective and efficient way to gain more subscribers. Promote your brand through selfies, food pics, and snap chats with your followers. You can also use shortened links to make it easier for your audience to follow you.

Shortened links create a sense of urgency in the user because they know that if they click on the link, they can see what you are promoting in just seconds. The use of short links for promotion is also effective because it allows users to share the link with other websites further expanding their reach as well as showing off how cool their friends are for following them. For example, if someone were promoting breakfast items on social media

4) YouTube Statistics

music videos are not playing a significant role as they were before in promoting artists and their work. Nowadays, short clips and commercials dominate the social media platforms such as Instagram and Vine where many celebrities post engaging content.

Also, the beauty of YouTube is that it is so simple that even a monkey could post a video. Therefore, you need to be creative and use the power of YouTube. For musicians to make their videos go viral, they need to use creative methods to advertise their songs. Below are some tips that musicians should apply to keep their art alive: 

Use YouTube search as your starting point 

– If you want your music video to be successful, you need to get as many views as possible and this is done with the help of Google’s search engine optimization.

5) Quality 

The quality of the shorts is one of the most important things to keep in mind when using them. A short that has a high resolution and great sound will guarantee a better reception by those who watch it.

The short should be interesting enough to grab the viewer’s attention, but it should also be relatable so that viewers can see themselves as part of the problem or solution, or as an end user of the business or product being promoted.

The video should leave viewers with some sort of information on how they can access more information about your business, and what you are selling, or refer them to another website where you have more information available for them


Many creators make a series of short videos that share the same theme or concept. This can help build up a fanbase for your channel over time because viewers will be more likely to check out your other videos if they like the last one. 

Short video series. The use of the above-discussed points can very effectively promote the business through YouTube shorts.

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