5 Ways to Turn Your Ordinary Apartment into a Luxury One

It goes without saying that every buyer would want to land themselves a luxury apartment in Dubai. With numerous residential projects spurring up in the emirate, there’s no shortage of listings for luxury apartments for sale in Dubai. These apartments are usually adorned with modern facilities and features. Their interior is fascinating, while the façade is impressive too. However, since the property prices in Dubai are high, not everyone can afford a luxury apartment here.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t realise the dream of living in a luxury abode. The possibilities are boundless, as you can convert your seemingly ordinary apartment into a luxury one rather seamlessly without burning a hole in your pocket. Wondering how? Take a look at these hacks that can help you do the needful:

Start with Decluttering

Here’s a thumb rule, whatever your plan for renovating your property is, always start with decluttering. Once you have removed unwanted items, you will get a better idea about your place and how you can transform it into a luxury dwelling. Particularly, if the apartment you live in is small in size, decluttering will help to make it look spacious.

Redo the Paint

The colour(s) of the walls of your home has a great impact on its overall look and appeal. Bear in mind that merely getting a new paint can change the entire outlook of your home.

Although it is a matter of personal preference, it is advised against having too much colour to give your home a ‘bold’ look, as it can be off-putting. If the apartment is smaller, too many colours, particularly if they are bright, can evoke a feeling of congestion. Similarly, being too plain with your choice of shades is not recommended either. The idea is to find the right balance between being too gaudy or simple.

Pick a shade for each room wisely. For example, you can choose a lavender shade for your living room as it has a calming and soothing effect while giving a luxurious feel. Similarly, pale blue or violet can make for a perfect choice for the bedroom.

If you have a studio apartment and are looking for some ideas, you should visit https://blog.tbigos.com/studio-apartment-layouts/.

Change Your Curtains

Curtains can do much more than apart from protecting your privacy and restricting sunlight and excessive heat. If chosen carefully, they can uplift the entire décor of your apartment and add an element of luxury to it.

The better choice would be to go for light materials. They exude elegance. They do not need to be heavily designed or have multiple colours as it may give a cluttered look. Choose a single-tone drapery that has a simple yet elegant design. Also, the colour should complement the theme of your apartment.

Some people prefer thicker materials since they offer better protection against heat and sunlight elements. Also, they protect privacy effectively. However, they tend to create a rather homely design, which is in contrast to the luxury side of the design spectrum.

If it is absolutely necessary to opt for thicker material, make sure they are single-toned and have a minimal design.

Focus on Lighting and Fixtures

This one’s a must! The lighting fixtures in your apartments must be installed in the right space, accentuating the focal areas of your residence. The right type of lighting can create a nice and cosy ambience which can enhance the entire décor and uplift the overall look to a great extent. However, it is advised to try some different types of lighting fixtures instead of the conventional ones.

Change Your Furniture

Most people, when looking for apartments for rent in Dubai, prefer furnished ones since it saves them the hassle of buying new furniture. However, if you wish to create a sense of luxury and lavishness in your rental, it’s recommended that you choose the furniture on your own. Furnished rental apartments usually come with plain furniture that can’t help you in this regard.

When you are out shopping for furniture, do take into consideration the size of your room and other important aspects. Also, the design should be simple yet appealing. Adorn the bed and sofas with stylish cushions, however, moderation is key. Otherwise, it can give out a cluttered look.

Final Thoughts

We hope that the décor hacks discussed above will help you add a lavish and luxurious appeal to your apartment. If you have more ideas, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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