5 Ways To Upgrade Your Packaging Using Stickers To Win More Customers

Are you looking for inspiration on how you can update your product packaging? Or maybe you’re in the process of designing a new product that’ll need beautiful new packaging?

If you want better packaging to help win more customers by having an awesome experience with your brand, you’re in the right place. We’ve got a range of ideas to show you and get your creativity stimulated.

All of these packaging ideas use custom stickers or labels to bring your brand into the packaging. Along with each image, we’ll tell you how to get the same effect, which is super useful.

Let’s dive into some great packaging ideas.

Logo stickers for takeout

Take a simple piece of low-cost packaging and combine it with a branded sticker, and these are the results. The best bit? These biodegradable paper stickers decompose in only a few months.

Coffee labels

It’s incredible how a simple, square matte label can transform a plain coffee bag into beautiful packaging. Better yet, it only costs a few cents per label. A plastic PP or PE sticker will match the bag’s material to be recycled together & last a long time.

Compostable packaging label

These transparent labels work great with the brown card. This label is printed on clear, compostable material that decomposes within 3 months in the compost.

Simple address labels

If you only want a few stickers and want to keep it simple or add a personal touch by handwriting your labels, these address labels work so well. Made from biodegradable paper, they decompose within a few months, and the matte texture makes them easy to write on.

Limited-edition labels

These miniature labels act as a seal of limited-edition approval. They bring a perception of scarcity to your product which can get your customers to act NOW! To add more bling, go for a premium holographic sticker.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these five different ways to upgrade your packaging using stickers to help your brand win more customers. If you have any questions, please comment below.

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