5 Ways to Use Cream Chargers and Dispensers In The Kitchen

Have you ever wondered if your cream chargers and dispensers can do a lot of stuff? It surely is surprising to find out that there are a lot of applications that can be done when it comes to whipped cream chargers. Take note that these ways are all the same as the standard use of the cream chargers, which will be mainly used to serve food and some drinks. But what we will reveal here on this list will surely amaze you when it comes to using and exploiting the capabilities of the cream chargers to its full potential.

Of course, we will also list down the common use of the whipped cream chargers and dispensers so then you will fully know about all the things that you can do with it while in the kitchen. Here are the following ways to maximize the usage of your cream chargers through different methods:

The Classic Method

Of course, cream chargers are the best once you want to apply whipped cream on top of cakes, other pastries and of course to your frappe. This is the usual method that’s being done when cream chargers are involved, and of course everyone knows this technique already. The application method for storing the whipped cream is also very easy, plus it ensures that the whipped cream will not spoil fast thanks to the N2O present in the chargers. This is great for both home and business purposes, as long as it’s related to food.

Storing And Preparing Batters

One of the unexpected uses of cream chargers and dispensers is that it can be used to prepare batters once it’s ready to be cooked. The N2O present in the chargers that are placed in the dispensers are great for forming bubbly batters of any kind. Whether you want to make pancakes, waffles or even using batter for fried food, rest assured that these handy cream chargers and dispensers can help you, plus let you store the batter in the fridge for a long period of time.

One of the known benefits of storing batter in your cream dispenser is that the batter inside helps lighten the fry batter in order to create a crispier texture for the food, while lessening its oil content once fried.

Creating Pastries

The cream chargers and dispensers are also found out to be great in creating certain types of pastries such as cream puffs. The method of releasing the pastry batter out of the dispenser also gives the pastry a twirly appearance, which is why it is highly recommended if you’re going to make cream puffs. The principle of using cream chargers and dispensers for making pastries is just the same as how batter for pancakes and for fried food works once stored in the dispenser.

What made it more interesting to use for storing pastry batter is that you can attach different nozzle shapes to your cream dispensers in order to create a wide variety of shapes, ranging from a flat circle into something that pastry craftsmen would love to make for their customers.

Creating Froth or Espumas

Basically, espumas means froth in Spanish. This is one of the fanciest ways to use your cream chargers and dispensers aside from using it for the classic whipped cream that makes your frappe look picture-perfect. The espumas or froth mentioned here are warm, and is usually made of puree from vegetables or from animal stock and some soups. This is a type of foam that adds an extra flavor to some dishes, particularly when serving meat. This is often seen in gourmet dishes in high-class restaurants.

You Can Make A Cocktail With It

Cocktails are perfect to make when it comes to cocktails as well! Little do others know that cocktails are also served by releasing it from the cream chargers and dispensers, and others do not notice it at all. It is truly unusual, yet very intriguing. Some of the cocktails that you can make with it will appear bubbly just like the batters that were discussed above. Additionally, the cocktails that are released out of the cream chargers and dispensers are often thick if you want to make a creamy alcoholic beverage. What’s even more amazing about it is that the drinks that you can make with it are proven to be more refreshing compared to what it will be when served normally.

Isn’t it amazing to know that you can actually do all of these with the help of cream chargers and dispensers? So if you have one at your home, it’s time to make some experiments on a fine weekend in the kitchen once again. But if you don’t have this handy equipment in your kitchen, it is highly recommended that you buy one now (you can get them delivered quickly from a nang delivery service), especially that you already know about its full potential when serving a wide variety of dishes to enjoy! Read more about cream chargers here.

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