5 YouTube Features that Every Content Creator Must Know

YouTube is the biggest online video platform of all time. Moreover, it provides complete freedom for content creators to make videos and build a solid base. Millions of people visit YouTube every single day to watch educational or entertaining content.

However, most content creators fail to increase their visibility online. They fail to gain wider reach on YouTube. Do you know the reason behind it? It is because they do not utilize all the features provided by YouTube that can help them increase views and get popular on YouTube.

YouTube offers a wide range of tools to help you optimize your content before publishing it. Moreover, these features help to entice new visitors. Thereby increasing the number of YouTube subscribers. If you are unaware of these features, it is not too late to learn about them and make your YouTube channel stronger.

In today’s article, we will highlight five most effective YouTube features that every content creator must know –

YouTube Analytics

YouTube analytics is a feature that offers data about the video performance, number of views, and subscribers. Moreover, it also provides detailed demographic data of your audience. It is a strategic sheet that gives an overview of your channel such as –

  • Number of views for each YouTube video on your channel
  • Average view time for each video
  • Drop-off points where the viewers exited the video
  • Channel specific subscribers and views
  • Total number of watch hours
  • Demographic data of the audience

YouTube analytics is powerful to understand which type of video is liked by your audience. By doing so, you can modify your forthcoming videos accordingly and gain wider reach on YouTube. For example, if you made a video with lots of visual cues and it got the highest YouTube views, it means that your audience likes watching such types of videos.

Based on this data, you can strategize your forthcoming videos and create them in the same manner to increase engagement on YouTube. It is also one of the most effective ways to get popular on YouTube.

Search Engine Optimization Tools

YouTube is the second largest search engine used by people all over the world. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize your videos for search engines to get popular on YouTube. YouTube provides a wide range of SEO tools to ensure that your video ranks well on any type of search engine such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. These tools include –

  • Channel ‘About’ page – About page is one of the most crucial aspects of a YouTube channel. It is a feature where you can introduce yourself and let the viewers know what content you create on your channel. By doing so you will be able to connect well with the If your content ‘About’ page is crisp and clear, it will help in gaining wider reach on YouTube.
  • Video/playlist titles – a captivating title grabs the attention of the audience. Moreover, if your title is relevant to your video content, the viewer can turn into a potential subscriber.
  • Video descriptions – an informative and concise description for each YouTube video helps the user to find it easily on search engines. Moreover, anyone who uses the keywords related to your content will be able to view your video. Thereby increasing engagement on your YouTube video.

Featured Video Option

A featured video is a specific video from your YouTube playlist that you can choose to pin on your main YouTube channel. It is usually an introductory video about you, your niche, and the type of content they will be able to watch. It is a strategic way to welcome new subscribers and intrigue the viewers to subscribe. The featured video option can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Customize Channel’ button.

There are two variations of featured video that YouTube allows you to use –

  • One featured video can be used to welcome new visitors who are not your subscribers yet. It is best for enticing new visitors who are new to your YouTube channel.
  • You can use another featured video for returning subscribers.

This way you can convince new visitors to subscribe by creating an informative and entertaining introduction video. Additionally, you can feature more in-depth content for your subscribers to keep them hooked on your channel. Isn’t it a great way to get popular on YouTube?

You can also set your featured videos on autoplay to procure some additional views whenever a new visitor or a subscriber opens your channel page. If the viewer does not wish to watch the video, they can pause it. However, even a few seconds of video autoplay will be counted in your watch hour.

Annotations/ Cards

Annotations are an excellent form of Call-To-Actions that encourages the viewer to take action at a specific point in the video. Annotations are usually clickable images, text boxes, or even video previews that pop up while the video is playing.

It helps to drive traffic to a website, landing page, or another informative video. You can also use it to direct the audience to another video on your channel. Thereby increasing the views and engagement On YouTube. Annotations can be accessed under the ‘Cards’ section in YouTube studio.

Video Share Option

The best way to get popular on YouTube is to increase engagement and grow your subscribers. One of the ways to have a wider reach on YouTube is to utilize the ‘Share’ option for every video. YouTube provides an in-built ‘Share’ button to help the audience share the video on their social media channels.

You can also encourage your viewers to share your video by adding CTAs at the end of every video. Most people like to say ‘Like, Share and Subscribe’ which encourages the viewers to share the video. Thereby, increasing the number of views and subscribers on YouTube.


Getting a wider reach on YouTube can be daunting for many content creators. Moreover, retaining solid viewership is extremely difficult if you do not strategize your content on YouTube. For this reason, Youtube provides a wide range of features to promote your content online. Furthermore, these features help you to get popular by increasing youtube subscribers, views, and audience engagement.

The most efficient features that every content creator must know include SEO optimization, featured video, annotations, video share option, and YouTube analytics. These exclusive features on YouTube are a game changer especially if you have valuable content to share with the viewers.

Want to get popular on YouTube? Check out the features mentioned above and utilize them strategically to make your videos viral on YouTube.

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