6 Benefits of Buying A Home and Land Package

Finding an ideal home that suits your budget and family needs requires a lot of commitment and reflection. It is a thrilling as well as a stressful thing, but a home purchase defines your financial independence level as well as it gives a sense of land estate ownership and security.

If you are looking around to buy a home in New Zealand, always consider the best residential construction companies to guarantee a good investment. During this process, you’ll get to choose an affordable house and land package in NZ. You’ll discover that there are several options spread around New Zealand for this package deal. If you are still in fear or have doubts, keep reading to learn about the great benefits of considering the purchase of a home and land package. 

Process is simplified

The home buying and building process is simpler. No need to look for land on your own and the package even includes a design suitable for the vacant section.

Easy Financing

As the price for the package is fixed, you get a chance to obtain finance based on a set cost and plan. The plans will probably be submitted for consent, which saves them time and allows for fast construction. Normally, if you buy land to construct a home then first you need to consider a land mortgage and then a construction loan. You also need to ensure that the project is not over-budgeted because generally, every customized build will. 

Build a suitable home

You get the chance to pick from several design plans or create a unique one suitable to your lifestyle. You can work on a design with the potential building developers’ design team and have a dream home created suitable to your needs and within budget. 


Off-plan buying means the developer has made the major decision. There is some space for a little alteration but it includes an extra cost. The developers have made a sensible decision to lessen the waste, buy materials in bulk, and use great building techniques. Unfortunately, all this gets overlooked!

Tax deductions

House & land packages allow claiming an investment tax deduction for depreciable assets that cover construction costs, fixtures & fittings, etc. Ask a surveyor for a report that documents the depreciation amount, you can claim each year. An accountant can help in executing depreciation schedules. The amount you can save each year will be surprisingly considerable, just because you invested in the home & land package rather than the existing property. 

First homeowner benefits

First home buyers, who are eligible, can gain access to incentives, concessions, and government grants designed to make property acquisition easy. For example, the Australian Government initiative includes the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme. 

Buyers can even save plenty on stamp duty associated with home & land packages. Unlike established homes, in-home & land packages the stamp duty involves a land section as the house is still to be constructed. It is a big saving as well as a major reduction in upfront costs. 

Owning a home is every person’s dream or life goal. You can offer your family a feeling of security and stability. It can even be your legacy for generations to come!

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