6 Benefits Of Switching To A NEC SL2100 Phone System

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Having a growing business may mean you’re doing things right. But as your business continues to grow, your current phone system may become outdated. Whether you’re looking to hire new personnel or need advanced calling features, everything will be easier for your business when you upgrade to a new phone system. This upgrade will also benefit your staff and your customers, as communication will be clearer and quicker.  

One of the more advanced phone systems designed for businesses today is the NEC SL2100. The NEC SL2100 is an affordable yet robust phone system, and is designed to help businesses, large or small, to stay connected with their customers at all times. 

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using NEC SL2100 and why you should upgrade your business phone system to it.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

You can purchase the NEC SL2100 from various online providers such as NTS Direct. Aside from affordability, it comes with features that you don’t normally see in other phone systems. It also has built-in features that allow for savings, as you don’t need to purchase them separately. 

In addition, you get to save more on your mobile charges with the NEC SL2100. It even allows mobile calls from outside the office as long as there is internet connection.

  • Streamlines Your Business Workflow

Another benefit of switching to a NEC SL2100 phone system is that it streamlines your business workflow.  By using this system, you get to add a new contact information or user into the platform quickly, or establish a new branch smoothly.

The unnecessary hassle when routing and queueing phone calls is also no longer an issue with this system. Because of the streamlined workflow, you get to have a more efficient and productive workforce.

  • Unified Business Communication

If you have employees who work remotely, switching to a NEC SL2100 phone system is ideal for you. 

Thanks to its built-in unified communications application, all your employees can easily communicate with each other regardless of the type of device they’re using. Its cross-platform communication support can streamline your business processes and speed up information sharing.

  • Minimal IT Maintenance

Another important feature of this phone system is that it only requires minimal IT maintenance or supervision, thereby preventing expensive downtime costs.  

The low-maintenance requirement and easy-to-use interface of the NEC SL2100 can also lessen your IT costs. It’s a reliable solution for businesses looking to save on IT maintenance costs and other related costs in the future.

  • Delivers Great Customer Service

Another reason for your business to switch to a NEC SL2100 phone system is that it is capable of increasing the quality of customer service you can provide. It gives you the ability to answer and make calls regardless of where your customer is. This phone system would benefit small businesses, especially because it helps them connect with investors and sponsors easily

A good example of how this phone system can help deliver excellent customer service is the presence status. This is a feature that will help streamline the process of finding the right customers to call. As a result, conversations between your business and your customers will be quicker and more efficient. 

  • Secure

Security is of utmost importance in today’s digital world, especially in business. One of the best things about NEC SL2100 is that it comes with advanced built-in protection such as Toll Fraud Guard. This protects your phone system from malware and other forms of malicious attacks. It also reduces the risk of having someone gain remote access to the phone system. There is also the Video Doorphone, which allows you to see who’s calling you.

Another feature that comes with the phone system is the MyCalls Call Recorder, which is useful in many situations. It records conversations and help you identify what someone said, especially during a dispute. It is particularly helpful when it comes to checking issues raised by customers. It also gives businesses the chance to hear how their staff handle customer complaints and how they behave when receiving calls.

These features aim to protect your business from incurring huge downtime costs in case of an online attack. 

Final Thoughts

Business phone systems, like the NEC SL2100, is more than just a piece of technology nowadays. They are now essential business assets that can either help you gain customer loyalty or potentially lose their trust.  Having an updated phone system is a worthy investment that you’ll never regret as it gives your small business a competitive edge.

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