6 Best Distance Learning Photography Courses for Students

We all like taking pictures and sharing them with family and friends, yet some of them are truly special for us because they were taken during a special moment of life or have been captured so masterfully that it resembles a painting. Regardless if you are a blogger who would like to influence people or a fashion artist looking for inspiration, knowing how to make your pictures stand out is quite challenging. Thankfully, there are numerous distance-learning photography courses for students that can help you succeed!

  1. .Michigan State University’s Photography Class “Smartphone to DSLR”

Powered by Coursera, these amazing online lectures will help you to proceed from being a beginner to becoming advanced with anything from smartphones to a fancy DSLR camera. It covers composition, basic concepts, knowing your camera, and more. The course also has many practical lessons, which means that you will test your skills. It takes about 20 weeks to complete.

  1. Skillshare Photography Composition Online Course.

Another great video course that represents accessible tutorial materials that deal with composition. While it may have a single focus to it, learning about artistic expression and visuals is a major part of becoming better at photography. It is just like writing a good essay when you can tell a good text from the weak one. Concerning your writing skills or photography descriptions, consider checking writinguniverse.com for some freebies and great ideas that will help you to boost your creativity in anything you start with!

  1. R-photo Online Class.

It is quite popular and worth checking out. Even if you are just starting, it has clear instructions that will help you to achieve success even with your modest equipment. It has 30 lessons that will fit anyone. Yes, it has assignments, yet you should not fear as these are not graded, and you can set your own working pace.

  1. The Harvard University’s Introduction to Digital Photography Course.

The majority of students take pictures with their digital cameras, which is quite different when compared to equipment used by the analog purists. Therefore, this course focuses on digital photography. It is even available in several languages, which is a great bonus. If you find it challenging to write in English, check the Top Writers Review website that has professional reviews of academic assistance websites that are legit and safe to use. Keeping more things in control will help you to focus on photography!

  1. Udemy’s Introduction to Photography Course.

It is fun and easy to follow even if you have never ever tried taking pictures with a camera (not counting your childhood times!). The best part about it is that you will also receive a relevant photography certificate. It is also possible to continue with Udemy’s advanced courses.

  1. Stanford University’s Photography Lectures.

Available on YouTube, these lectures cover more in-depth topics for those who have already mastered the basics.

Seek Inspiration!

The most common problem even among established photographers is overdoing it by making the art of photography overly complex. It is the simple ideas and being vivid and natural that matter way more than some odd technique. Seek inspiration as you brainstorm various ideas and just be yourself when expressing your feelings. After all, the camera should be like a stretched out a hand where the great shots are being born!

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