6 Considerations When Renovating Your Home in Lawrence, KS

Soaring inflation and interest rates have caused homeowners to think twice before purchasing a new house. However, this doesn’t mean you should end your quest for a beautiful house with some added space. For instance, to save additional costs, most homeowners now opt to remodel or renovate their existing house as an alternative to upsizing. If you live in a city like Lawrence, KS, the median home price in Lawrence is $365,000, which is not feasible for most families.

While a home renovation can be an exciting and transformational journey, the key to executing it successfully is to plan it accordingly. This is particularly true in Lawrence, where the summers are muggy and wet, and winters are snowy with frequent thunderstorms.

Thus, if you want to avoid the uncertainty and the repercussions of a failed renovation plan, read on. In this article, we will discuss the top six considerations you must consider before starting the renovation project and getting it through the first time. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

  • Rent a Storage Unit

While the result of an improved and beautiful living space is certainly worth it, we all know that the renovation process can sometimes be chaotic and messy. It requires temporary yet a lot of upheaval in your house. Thus, one of the biggest challenges homeowners face is finding sufficient space to protect and store their belongings. 

However, if you live in Lawrence, you can work around this issue by renting Lawrence storage units with customizable leasing options. Self-storage units are designed to secure your belongings and protect them from dust, debris, and damage. Moreover, by renting a self-storage unit, you can free up significant space in your house and speed up the work, let alone have 24/7 access to your belongings in an organized manner. 

  • Set a Budget

The biggest mistake made by homeowners is starting the renovation project without setting a budget. Thus, before you get too attached to the modern kitchen picture you found on Pinterest, always run the numbers first. One of the best ways to get an estimate of your project cost is to stroll down the aisles of design centers or local hardware stores to compare the prices of all the materials you need. 

Moreover, get quotes from architects and suppliers and determine your budget accordingly. For instance, you may allocate 50% of your budget for material costs, 20% for tax, and 30% for labor. Plus, when setting up your budget, always consider a contingency surplus that you can entirely depend on in case of setbacks like blown circuits or burst pipes. This will help you avoid panicking or any additional costs when things don’t go as planned. 

  • Set a Realistic Timeline

Always remember that property renovation projects take longer than expected when you fail to draw up a realistic timeline of all the key dates. Moreover, not having a correctly set timeline for the renovation activities or making accommodations for delays leads to frustration. 

For instance, you may expect the removal of the outdated double vanity of your bathroom or the replacement of the whirlpool tub to be quick. Still, removing old fixtures and locating the new vanity or tub you love may take several weeks. In addition, it may take another week before your new hall bath is ready to be delivered, turning your one-week job into a six-week waiting period.

So, be realistic when you set timelines for your renovation project. Create a list of tasks to be done and in what order. Also, don’t forget to discuss it with your contractors beforehand to be on the same page and avoid conflicts. 

  • Opt for an Airtight Contract

Starting a renovation project can be exciting, but things can get less dreamy and more complicated as it goes on. Therefore, when you decide to employ a professional contractor, it is in your best interest to insist on an airtight contract. Remember, hiring a contractor doesn’t mean you cannot run into issues or accidents outside the human’s control. 

For this reason, you must enter into a specific contract that includes protective clauses like timeframes, payment schedules, potential penalties in case of not meeting the deadline, and the complete details of the work. 

Having a detailed written agreement will help you stay protected from spammy contractors. Moreover, it will prevent them from deviating from the plan or attempting to scam you due to unclear details about the renovation project. 

  • Your Availability and Safety

Before starting the renovation project, be available to supervise the work and ensure effective communication. If not, you may have conflicts, delays, or even costly mistakes. When homeowners are present during their renovation project, it helps them share information and feedback timely, according to the set rules, and without mixed messages. This helps to complete various tasks per the set budget and on time without hindrance.

In addition, if you are assisting in the renovation process, always remember that safety comes first. Since renovations involve a lot of clutter or disorganized space, be ready to adjust to the alternate living arrangement. This will help you avoid unexpected accidents, stay prepared, and take necessary precautions to prevent unforeseen situations. 

  • Consider Layout Functionality

Most homeowners fail to comprehend the importance of layout functionality. While you may like focusing more on the room’s functionality, remember that the layout is as vital as the overall aesthetic appeal of your available space. 

Not paying adequate attention to the layout functionality often leads to poor spacing or feeling claustrophobic and cluttered. Thus, before you go ahead and approve the layout plan, always consider the room’s square footage and the overall layout of the remodel.

One way to do this is to imagine how the space will appear if you use it to its full potential. For instance, imagine if opening the fridge door will stop you from using the stove or if adding a kitchen counter will allow you to move around the space comfortably.  


Taking up a home renovation project is a big decision, yet we all face it at least once in our lifetimes. Whether you plan to improve the quality of your life or add value to your home, it can be a rewarding experience, but only if done correctly. 

Thus, to avoid these projects becoming more costly than you anticipated, always consider the abovementioned factors. This will help you minimize and eliminate potential issues and finish your renovation project on time. At the end of the day, your planning will result in a house that feels just right for you and your loved ones. Good luck!