6 email marketing tips that bring power to your campaign

Social media may still be seen as the top dog with regard to marketing strategy, but email marketing still has a huge role to play in any modern marketing strategy. Unlike social media, email marketing offers personalization, as well as insights into what your customers want with direct communication. 

That is not to disparage social media, which can be incredibly useful when used in tandem with a solid email strategy, but to suggest that email is far from a redundant or obsolete form of marketing, though it might feel that way if your email strategy isn’t up to scratch.

If you keep offers pertinent and relevant to your customer base, email marketing can genuinely help you take a sizable leap forward. Here are 6 ways of doing so.

1: Get segmenting

It’s not a verb that’s used often beyond the marketing sphere, but segmenting your customer database could help you truly research your target audience. Whether you segment based on location, engagement, stage of the customer journey or where they found your website, you can tailor offers and discounts to their specific needs, rendering the customer journey a lot more personalised.

2: Make it mobile-friendly

Everyone accesses their emails through their smartphone nowadays, meaning developers have to ensure email communications are optimised for all devices on which they could be received. This doesn’t have to be to the detriment of the laptop experience either. With modern CSS and HTML, anything is possible across various screens, meaning that your email copy can be versatile on all fronts.

3: Trigger emails

Customers might leave halfway through the customer journey, or abandon the shopping car for seemingly no reason. Follow it up if you can through a reminder email. Equally, if they’ve submitted an order, ask for some feedback. Anything that can keep customers engaged and interested is a sure-fire way to keep them coming back for more. After all, focusing on retaining customers is one of the most valuable things you can do.

4: Don’t be afraid to show your emotions

Connections in real life are often based on emotions and our general relatability to them. Of course it can be difficult to connect in this way via mere marketing emails, so think about how your product or service gives your customers peace of mind. Play fully into that and try to build that rapport over time. How can you make your customers’ lives even that 1% better? Engaging copy to this effect is the key to long-term  customer success, regardless of your industry.

5: Reel them in with a story

Everyone loves a good story, and the extent to which you can be creative in an effort to maintain customer relations is surprisingly high. Never be afraid to push the boat out and use your creativity to your advantage. You might even surprise yourself.

6: Don’t overdo it

Graphics are somewhat important, but in truth, the plainer emails may actually gather more attention in that they feel a lot more personalised. They also make it through spam filters more often than not, and don’t take forever to load. Think about how often you find yourself waiting for a marketing email to load and overcome that obstacle for your own marketing needs.

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