6 Factors Behind Growing Trend Of Shisha

Shisha is a trending accessory among young people. Shisha is also known as hookah and comes in various sizes and shapes. In addition, it offers a variety of flavors that cigarettes fail to offer. In recent years, Shisha has become more of a style statement. The media has always portrayed smoking as a symbol of class and style. There’s no doubt that Shisha is the new trend and is here to stay for a while.

Unlike cigarettes, Shisha is not banned entirely in public places. In addition, cigarettes stain the teeth of the smoker and leave an unpleasant odor. However, that is not the case with Shisha. Shisha comes in various fruity flavors and doesn’t stain the teeth of the smoker. Moreover, one Shisha session lasts longer than a cigarette and is inexpensive. Online Shisha access has also gained popularity and now people order it online with ease.

Now you can get a wide range of Shisha flavors, designs, and accessories all online and one touch away. People enjoy shisha sessions at parties and dinners with their friends and family. It is considered a fun activity to do. Moreover, unlike cigarettes, there is a tobacco-free Shisha that comes in all-natural flavors of fruits. It is now preferred over traditional shisha. If you want to know about factors that have contributed to the trend of shisha, keep reading!

  1. Style Statement

Smoking has always seemed like a style statement. The media has also portrayed smoking as a symbol of class and style which has further given a boost to the trend of shisha among youngsters. However, it is not only limited to youngsters, and elders are also seen to be enjoying shisha in rooftop parties and dinners. In addition, the new generation is fascinated about luxury style shisha that is sleek and classy in look. Shisha has out fashioned cigarettes and now people prefer shisha to cater to their smoking needs.

  1. Tobacco-free Shisha

Unlike traditional cigarettes, the production of Tobacco-free shisha has started. There’s an industry named Hydro Herbal which is famous for producing tobacco-free shisha. This shisha uses natural fruit flavor molasses for hookah. It is made from real fruit extracts and is healthy. The ingredients it has include molasses, glycerine, honey, and fruit extract. For shisha lovers, it’s a whole new experience that is healthy and fun at the same time. Tobacco-free shisha is free of nicotine and tar. This has also contributed to the growing trend of shisha.

  1. Great Taste

Traditional smoking has the same typical taste. However, that is not the case with shisha. Shisha comes in different fruity flavors to improve the experience of the user. The taste and smell are great. One of the best tobacco-free shisha flavors is peach flavor. On the other hand, cigarettes are known to leave a bad odor with smokers and in their surroundings. But this is not the case with shisha. The fragrance and taste have made its use public-friendly. In addition, the user is left with a pleasant fragrance. A wide variety of flavor options has also contributed to the trend of shisha. People want to experiment with different flavors all the time. Shisha has given them a wide variety of options to give them a whole new experience.

  1. Social Gatherings

Nowadays, it has become a trend to have shisha-sessions at rooftop parties and dinners. People enjoy having shisha with their family, friends, and colleagues. They also play little tricks with shisha smoke and make smoke rings in the air. This is another factor that has contributed to the growing trend of shisha. Unlike cigarettes, shisha in social gatherings is common and in trend. The variety of flavors and stylish shishas have made it a style statement in social gatherings. In addition, smoking cigarettes with family is considered disrespectful because of its odor and injurious effects on health. On the other hand, tobacco-free shisha can be enjoyed with family and friends without any guilt.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle

Smoking is addictive and is not easy to cut out. Cigarette smoke is known to affect the lungs and mouth. If carried for years, it can lead to lung and mouth cancer. In addition, it also has an injurious effect on the lives of people in the surrounding area. This is the reason it got banned in most public places. Shisha is the best option for people who want to cut down on cigarettes. Tobacco-free shisha can help you leave the cigarettes gradually, introducing a healthy lifestyle. The media has also shown various actors using shisha to influence people to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. This has also contributed to the recent growing trend of shisha. Many smokers have cut down on cigarettes with tobacco-free shisha. The variety of natural fruit extract helps improve the experience and adapt people to a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Shisha Pens

Shisha Pens have taken the internet by storm. These sleek, stylish, and portable shisha pens have upgraded the shisha experience to a whole new level. Shisha Pens easily fit into your pocket and are easy to carry around. In addition, they do not cause you a fortune. Exhale shisha pens are free of tobacco, tar, and odor. They come in a wide range of flavors. Moreover, unlike cigarettes, Shisha Pens are allowed in most public places. You can use these amazing pens indoors as well. In addition, unlike cigarettes that end with few puffs, Shisha Pens last for about 500 puffs. It’s a great investment and healthy as well. You can also take exhale shisha pens to bonfires and BBQ parties. It is portable and can easily travel with you. This is the reason, exhale shisha pens have gained popularity and are trending across Europe and the USA with a celebrity following. It is stylish and healthy at the same time. Exhale shisha pens are the perfect way to enjoy social gatherings. In addition, the fashionable experience can be enjoyed whenever and wherever the user desires.

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