6 Factors That Affect Designer Jewelry’s Longevity

Before buying any type of jewelry, there are a lot of factors that you have to consider. There are different pieces of jewelry, depending on the occasion you want to wear the piece. Different precious stones make jewelry. Such include gold, silver, sapphire, bronze, rubies, and other materials. 

All of these are different and unique in their own way. They differ in quality and value. You also need to know if the piece you are acquiring is real or fake. This is because a lot of people end up purchasing fake jewelry without knowing the difference. That’s why you need to make your purchase from a credible designer jewelry outlet like londonmanori.com.

Many jewelry pieces are irreplaceable after they break. This is because of the level of heat they go through. Some of the main factors when getting new jewelry are beauty, craftsmanship, and material. The other factors to consider are as discussed below in the article. And you need to consider each one as you look to make a decision on the jewelry to buy.


Beauty is a consideration when looking for jewelry. Moreover, people have different perceptions of what beauty is. And what looks good to you may not look the same to others. The color of the materials come together and are visually appealing to the eyes of anyone looking to purchase the jewelry piece. A lot of work goes into the process of making the piece itself. Also, a lot of attention is on detail, size, and style to ensure that it is generally appealing.


In jewelry, all components fit in together smoothly during the production phase. The surface of designer jewelry has texture and goes through polishing. The insides and backs are well finished. The details are also defined well to ensure that it stands out like it should do.


The material used to make jewelry of course affects the value of the piece in question. We have different types of materials involved in the making of designer pieces. Karats of gold have different values, and this will in turn determine the value of each piece of designer jewelry. We also have materials like rubies, sapphires, and silver. All these materials have different qualities. Hence, their values also differ.

Physical Condition

The older the piece, the more it is an estate piece. This makes its condition fade off. There are customers who actually prefer buying jewelry pieces in this state. This is because they tend to believe there is some history or charm tied to them. Condition issues that negatively affect the beauty and state of the piece normally reduce the quality and value of the jewelry in question. Some of the jewelry pieces that are in bad condition have missing gems, discolored metals, and even cracked metals.

Rarity of the Jewelry

This is the supply versus demand in the business market. Designer jewelry has more to do with value than quality. The rareness of jewelry is determined by when last the accessory was made and available for sale. It also considers the question on how many jewels have survived since the particular piece was ready. Also, the demand for a particular jewel in the market will determine the value the item holds. Mostly, they consider items that are rare to be low in value. However, it can also be rare if the value is high and the customer demand is high for that particular jewelry.


These are common with jewelry. Commonly known as repairs, adaptations or remodeling. The majority of designer jewelry undergoes the above process to complete the jewelry for sale or auction. The process happens when they have to go through significant problems in the jewelry that need correction. Remodeling majorly involves procedures like turning pendants into bracelets or rings.

Adaptations are minor jobs on the jewelry. Such include replacing screws or other minor details of the jewelry. Alteration normally affects the quality and value of the jewelry, depending on how good the work is. Adaptations cover the minor jobs, such as screwing back with posts. This is so that people can wear them as earrings on pierced ears. It is very possible that altered pieces become great jewelry in that they are no longer sold for what it’s worth but rather sold for the alterations that they go through. Collectors of such pieces find it fun and interesting.

Final Thoughts

The above are factors that you should consider closely when looking to get designer jewelry that will last and ensure that you get its worth. Take your time and ensure that you have done proper research in the market. There are a lot of fakes around. Therefore, you need to be extra careful whenever you’re purchasing designer jewelry.

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