6 Fantastic Fleet Vehicles Companies Should Invest In

Fleet vehicles are a foundational piece of any company’s prestige and success. Especially for high rollers who are looking to charm profitable clients, having a fleet vehicle that showcases your company’s drive for success can be highly useful. Knowing what you want in a fleet vehicle before purchasing one is the first step, but once you see all the amazing options available, you’ll begin finding yourself uncertain about which one you should purchase. For companies looking for a high-class fleet vehicle to add to their company’s assets, here are six fantastic fleet vehicles that companies should invest in:

1. BMW 7 Series

If you want a high-class fleet vehicle in your company’s arsenal, the incredible BMW 7 Series is the way to go. Not only is it a recognizably prestigious brand, but the amazing efficiency and durability of the vehicle are hard to overstate. The adaptive LED lights installed in the vehicle allow drivers to navigate safely and stylishly at all times. The BMW 7 Series is perfect for company outings with potential clients, especially if you’re looking to land a contract that will revolutionize your company’s future. The vehicle also features semi-autonomous driving features that can improve the safety of the vehicle, and which can further boost its fuel efficiency.

2. Cadillac XT6

Another luxury vehicle that can impress clients, Cadillac XT6 is an American answer to luxury car drivers’ needs. For companies that are looking to buy American-made vehicles for their companies’ fleet, this is an excellent choice. The amazing, well-known customer service and warranties that Cadillac purchases come with make it a safe investment as well. Not only is the car beautiful, but it comes packed with many great features. The advanced, adaptive cruise control, high-performance speakers, and built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot make it feel as futuristic as it is classy. For companies looking to keep their CSA score healthy, the Cadillac XT6 is a perfect choice.

3. Hyundai Elantra

If you want a middle-grade, but highly reliable fleet vehicle, the Hyundai Elantra is a solid choice and has been one of the best-selling fleet vehicles over the last decade. The mixture of fuel efficiency, affordability, subtle style, and accessibility of the vehicle has made it well-known throughout the United States. There’s a spacy nature to the Hyundai Elantra’s interior that makes it extra comfortable, making it perfect for companies who want to carpool while doing business. Lastly, the highly advanced, tech-filled dashboard of the Elantra is sure to impress many buyers.

4. Mini Cooper S Hardtop

While much smaller than the other vehicles on this list, the Mini Cooper S comes with many fantastic features that still make it a top choice for companies looking to invest in a new fleet vehicle. The smaller design, mixed with its high-tier handling features, makes it one of the most reliable, and safe cars on the market. If you want a simple, but useful fleet vehicle, this is a serious choice to consider. Despite its small size, it also has a powerful engine, making it a fun drive. Especially for companies who enjoy sportiness, the look, design, and feel of the Mini Cooper S should prove highly attractive.

5. Genesis G70

The Genesis G70 has quickly become one of the most demanded, high-class vehicles for companies looking to add something new to their fleet. The powerful engine, amazing handling, and feature-packed nature make it feel close to the BMW and Cadillac in terms of prestige. The leather seats and stylish interior of the Genesis G70 will help keep passengers comfortable as you take them to a fancy dinner or fun networking event. While the vehicle is pricey, it’s still more affordable than some of the luxury vehicle counterparts out there, so it still has a spot on this list.

6. Kia Soul LX

Kia has seen its vehicles making massive waves in the car industry. Especially when it comes to fleet vehicles, the Kia Soul LX has been on the top of many companies’ wishlists. The affordable, yet feature-packed and stylish nature helps it make this list. There are many features to the engine and body that make this one of the most durable vehicles on the list, and this quality will make the Kia Soul LX feel highly attractive to companies as they determine which vehicle to add to their fleet.

Here’s to a Newly Classy Fleet

With any of these six vehicles, you’ll make your company fleet look more professional and classy than ever before. Each of them brings their own unique benefits, but each one of them can get the job done with ease. Do a bit more research on the ones that stand out to you, and your company will be ready to invest in a new fleet vehicle in no time.

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