6 Ideas for Keeping Remote Work Fun

Working from home offers convenience, flexibility, and can help improve productivity. Alternatively, remote working can sometimes be dull and demotivating, which can zap productivity. Therefore, remote team leaders need to find ways to boost morale and improve work quality. Luckily, thanks to the global pandemic, there are countless ways of making remote work fun.

Office Chat Groups

Communication is essential for remote teams, so create office group chats for a space to escape. You will find memes, GIFs, and plenty of anecdotes. Team leaders can use group chats to provide updates and keep track of productivity, which can reduce the content for staff meetings. Depending on the communication platform you use, you can hide previous communication from newcomers to the office.

Wellness Sessions

Keeping physically and mentally healthy can be difficult when working from home, so arrange wellness sessions to support employees. During stressful times, provide a safe space for employees to learn coping techniques, talk openly, and know that they’re not alone. If you can, encourage laughter in the sessions because it’s great medicine for mental wellbeing.

Quiz Nights

Getting together outside of work isn’t easy when you’re working remotely, which means a good old pub quiz might be out of the question. Fortunately, it’s easy to squeeze in some trivia for remote teams hosted by BreakoutIQ. This activity will promote conversation and help to build a sense of togetherness for your team.

Buzz Days

Recognizing employee achievements is important, which is what buzz days are designed for. You don’t need to increase spending to run one of these exciting days, you only need to be willing to give back a little time. Throughout the day, set sharp targets and reward winners with 15 minutes of owed time. Offer employees flexibility by letting them choose how to spend their owed time, be that leaving early for the weekend or saving wins for a day off.

Virtual Biscuit Breaks

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee and biscuit while they’re working? Instead of hitting up the break room, open a virtual space for employees to escape for a quick coffee and a chat. Communication tools like Slack are perfect for creating different “rooms” for employees to gather in. Having the time to escape the ground and have a casual chat is a great way to improve productivity and increase team morale.

Fantasy Football

During the football season, get those sports fanatics in the mood by opening a Fantasy Football league. To make the game more interesting you can build up a pot, which can go to the overall winner. To promote conversation and togetherness, hold a weekly meeting and encourage fantasy footballers to their favorite team’s jersey.

Working from home can be a fantastic opportunity, but it can also be daunting and miserable. Make sure that you’re constantly looking for ways to boost your team’s morale. There is no end to the ways you can boost remote worker morale – ask your team what activities they want to do if you’re still struggling for ideas.

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