6 Jobs That You Will Qualify for With a Military Background

Being a military veteran is one of the most prestigious titles that an individual can have in the United States. Current and past soldiers are known to possess numerous qualities that include physical fitness, analytical skills, and great bravery.

A lot of skills learned in the military are just as helpful in the civilian world, whether you’re retired from the military or on an extended leave. Here are six jobs that veterans will qualify for due to their military background.

#1: Automotive Technician

Car accidents happen all the time, sadly enough, and can cause people emotional and financial damages when involved in an accident. But fortunately, there are individuals with the skill and know-how to help people through those tough times, especially with car repairs.

Many veterans have gained mechanical skills while in the military. These skills will translate perfectly in the civilian world as an automotive mechanic. A mechanic’s main responsibility is to make sure that vehicles are working properly. They perform preventive maintenance on cars to ensure that there won’t be any problems, but they also repair cars that have been damaged in major and minor car accidents.

Automotive technicians can expect to make about $38,000 per year on average, and educational requirements usually require no more than a high school diploma or GED.

#2: Personal Trainer

Personal training is a huge part of the military, as soldiers are expected to be in a certain physical condition. This knowledge and training can be used to help others (civilians) meet their fitness goals. Veterans can work as personal trainers, either as a part of a gym or start their own business. Sometimes, a college degree is required to become a personal trainer, but most of the time all you need is a certification. On average, personal trainers make about $21.00 an hour.

#3: Police Officer

Whether you were a military officer or not, your military experience, in general, is good experience when it comes to careers in law enforcement. Police officers’ main responsibility is to protect the citizens of a particular city and to stop any crimes being committed. Some requirements of becoming a police officer include hearing, vision, and physical requirements. Background checks, psychological evaluations, and drug tests are also given. The average salary of a police officer is about $52,000 a year.

#4: Construction Manager

Construction managers are put in charge of an entire construction project, but they also have a lot of knowledge of how to do construction work. They mainly plan projects, estimate costs, schedule projects, and execute and supervise them. Many veterans have gained these types of experiences during their time in the military, whether it be working with their hands or supervising a group. On average, construction managers make about $78,000 per year, and usually, only an Associate’s degree is needed, though some larger projects may require a Bachelor’s degree.

#5: Registered Nurse (RN)

The healthcare industry is said to be one of the best career paths for military veterans. Military soldiers are trained in first aid practices, so it’s no surprise that they’d succeed in the field of nursing. An RN’s job responsibilities include treating and monitoring patients and administering and documenting medications. Becoming an RN usually requires a Bachelor’s degree in nursing, but sometimes only requires an Associate’s degree in nursing. On average, RNs make about $30.00 an hour.

#6: Project Manager

Similar to a construction manager, a project manager is in charge of overseeing and executing a particular project, which can be in any field. Naturally, veterans are leaders due to their military experience, making them a perfect fit as project managers. Duties include preparing a budget for the project, creating a strategy to complete the project, and communicating with others to ensure the project is done correctly. Project managers can expect to make about $87,000 a year, and a minimum of an Associate’s degree is required.

There are several other career fields that military veterans will succeed in due to their background. The U.S. military offers training and skills that can’t be acquired anywhere else, but the skills are still very helpful to the civilian workforce.

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