6 Must-Have Jewelry Pieces You Cannot Afford To Miss In 2021

Trends have been changing in every industry from food to fashion. Work from home has brought in an era of comfortable yet chic fashion to adorn while you’re acing those zoom meetings. Not just in clothes, but in jewelry as well.

The world of dainty jewelry is brimming with beautiful trendy pieces. To make sure you can make the best out of it, we have curated a list of 6 must-have jewelry pieces you should definitely try on in 2021.

1. Pearl Power: The dainty and pretty pearls are back in style. Only this time, it’s not the super classic ropes and pieces our grandmothers used to adore. The pearl jewelry trend has blown up this season with a modern twist to timeless and sensual pearls. We’re talking mismatched sizes, stackable rings, statement earrings. This trend is being adorned in every kind of look, whether it be the classic sophistication or the cool-girl Vintage! Layering dainty pearl pieces will add a touch of chic and sexy and is a great way to try this trend. You can go minimal or as elaborate as you want.

2. Chain jewelry: Chain jewelry this season has gone more bold and expressive. Chunky chain-linked neckpieces and bracelets are great choices to try. With various jewelry designers doing the own take on this trend, you can experiment with a lot of elements. Handmade chains, cute chains, punk chains, Chains incorporated with stones, perhaps chain and diamond earrings, gold, and silver chain, etc. the designs are endless. This trend is a great way to add a statement to your look, whether you like being subtle or loud.

3. Pendant and charms: Next up is the timeless and versatile jewelry item, pendants! Pendants can change a plain necklace or even a cord, into a stop-and-stare piece. They have a striking capacity to draw attention to themselves. But, this trend is not just limited to necklaces or for women only, You can check a big variety of men’s pendants here. Charm bracelets are also in vogue. And we all love that!

4. Hoop earrings: Time for another classic that’s trending, hoop earrings! Hoop earrings are the piece of jewelry that makes you the classic, everlasting eye candy! It can be very very hard to go wrong with a hoop earring. That being said, it’s time to walk a little further from the classic flat hoops and try something textured and interesting this season. From small and bold, to slim and chunky, from diamond-studded pieces to sleek silver hoops, hoop earrings will never let you down and are your safest bet. If you’re not really looking to experiment much, hoops in gold earring designs for daily use work great with every look, provided you choose the size wisely.

5. Edgy earrings: It’s raining earrings! Earrings are the perfect accessory! They frame your face so well and are great for this era of Zoom calls. It’s time to take your earring obsession to higher levels this season. The big earrings-no necklace trend looks amazing. You can wear simpler pearls or get really edgy with elaborate designs. A great trend to try is wearing a single earring and add an instant hip factor to your look.

6. Silver jewelry: Silver is a beautiful material. Silver jewelry looks great not just in the widely available banjara designs but also in the refined and beautifully designed silver jewelry. This season, get yourself a beautifully designed and executed piece and exude your impeccable taste and style!

So, these are the must-haves in the world of jewelry this season! Try out these lovely jewelry trends and level up your jewelry game!

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