6 Must-know Tips When Buying your First E-bike


Getting an electric bike to improve your transport situation or downsizing your car can be a big step. There are so many electric bike types and options to choose from it may get confusing. Having some knowledge of how to choose an electric bike will help you make the right decisions. A wrong choice usually means an e-bike that does not meet your personal riding requirements.

Buying a bike is always exciting, whether for the first time or not. The ability to explore opportunities in traffic can make you feel unstoppable. You also get to face some hard truths and have first-hand knowledge of things you used to only hear about. Whatever your reason, you need to be able to get the most out of your e-bike. We provide some tips to get you started on buying your first electric bicycle.

When Buying your First E-bike…

Many people who regret their choice of e bike wish they had some sort of electric bike buying guide before going ahead. This is because there are some basic things to pay attention to if you want to make the right choice. These include the following:

Know about Battery Range

Battery range is probably the most important thing to pay attention to on this list. This is because as a component of the pedal-assist system, your battery is one of the most important parts of your e-bike. Battery range is the total distance you can cover on a single charge using a pedal assist. In short, a long-range battery is necessary to enjoy using electric power or go on long-distance rides.

When choosing an e-bike, check the specs to know the battery capacity which is the total charge it can hold. A high-capacity battery will provide more range, and should therefore be among your specs if you intend to use electric power for extended periods.

Get the Appropriate Motor

E-bikes generally use two types of motors. Hub motors are located in the rear or front wheel of the bike and require pedaling to output more power. They are more popular because they are affordable and easier to maintain. Mid-drive motors are the other type but are less common because they are expensive and require strict maintenance. The motor type is not so important as its capacity.

If you can get a 500W motor, you will enjoy enough assistance for uphill riding. Most Haoqi e-bikes use a 750W motor, which provides enough support for your rides. To enjoy increased power output, check the Haoqi Rhino, a beast with a 1000W motor.

Measure your Body Accurately

Your body size is important when getting your first e-bike. If you shop online, it means you can’t get on the bike to test for size before buying. You may end up with the wrong bike size if you get your measurements wrong. The right bike size is important to ensure you are gripping the handlebars firmly and your feet are comfortable on the pedals. E-bike sites provide a general frame size chart you can check your measurements against if you can get them right. Without an e-bike of the right size, you may experience body and back pains after every trip. It all determines the type of experience you will eventually have on your e-bike.

Payload Capacity

The payload capacity is the total amount of weight your e-bike frame and components can handle and still provide a smooth, comfortable ride. You should look for an e-bike with enough payload capacity for your weight and likely passengers. If you intend to ride with your child or pet, add their weight to your calculations. Most e-bike frames are made of solid aluminum, but there is a limit provided. The payload capacity is usually listed among the e-bike specs for you to check. It is best to go for an e-bike with a higher payload capacity, so you can always have room to travel with more weight or move heavy equipment. 

Check for Easy Assembly Options 

Assembling your e-bike is a part of the e-biking experience and should be paid attention to. When shopping for an e-bike, check the assembly options to know how easy it is to set it up properly. If you have ever had to put a product together before, you can understand the need to get an e-bike with easy assembly options. Once it starts to take your time, assembling anything can be frustrating. The energy wasted is best reserved for actual riding. To avoid wasting your energy on unnecessary stress, get an e-bike that you can assemble in a 15 to 30-minute period. You can watch YouTube reviews of the e-bike you are interested in to see how long it took others to set theirs up right before getting on.

E-bike Pricing 

Indeed, e-bikes are generally cheaper than cars, but this information can be misleading sometimes. Usually, what makes an electric bike cheaper than a car is not the purchase price alone. Electric bikes are a viable option to save money because of their cheaper maintenance costs. The amount you spend on a car is not limited to the cost of repairs and replacement of parts. You spend on gas, parking tickets, going to places where cars pay a toll, and other miscellanies that e-bikes are generally not prone to. With the rising gas prices nowadays, e-bikes are a better transit option than cars or public transport.


Getting an electric bike for the first time can be very exciting, especially if done right. To shop right, you either have the knowledge needed to buy an electric bike or have an expert with you. If you are shopping online, you need an e-bike buying guide to help you make the right choices.

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