6 Packing Essentials for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner with big dreams? Chances are you are wondering how you can make your business stand out from the rest. One of the ways to ensure success is to set a solid footing by providing top-class packaging to your customers. 

The first thing a customer notices when purchasing a product from your business is the packaging. Therefore, you must buy packing essentials such as ziplock bags, corrugated boxes, bubble wraps, and other packing essentials in bulk to save money and ensure there are no operational interruptions. Here are the six packing essentials you must buy in bulk to ensure you always stay ahead of time if you are a new online business:

  • Corrugated Boxes of Different Sizes

Starting a business requires a lot of consideration, and planning how you ship your products is one of them. If you want to save money on your packing cost while ensuring that your products reach customers safely, you must consider buying corrugated boxes. These boxes are made of multiple layers of card boxes that are joined together with an adhesive, making them very strong yet lightweight. These boxes are ideal for various items ranging from electronics, accessories, and clothes and are safe for long-distance shipping.  

  • Zip Lock Bags

If you are a business that requires you to keep your products airtight for longevity, investing in zip-lock bags is a must. For instance, if you own a jewellery business selling pieces that tarnish when they come in contact with water and humidity, investing in zip lock bags is a great choice that will offer protection to your pieces and keep them safe from damage during the long transit. 

  • Bubble Wraps

Bubble wraps are essential if you sell products that have a high chance of breaking if mishandled. The air-filled bubbles provide cushioning and protection to your fragile items during shipping and handling. 

Moreover, if you are worried that using bubble wrap will add extra weight to your package and you will have to end up paying more for shipping, you are wrong. Even if you use multiple layers of bubble wrap, you add minimal weight to your package compared to other protective layers, helping you cut down on the shipping cost. 

  • Paper Bags

For food businesses and cloud kitchens, stocking up on paper bags is a must. These bags are biodegradable and a practical replacement for plastic bags, offering you a cutting-edge solution. Paper bags come in different shapes and sizes and keep your food safe. They are also low on cost, helping you save money while taking a step towards environmental conscience. Moreover, for businesses looking for a robust marketing strategy, using sustainable packaging is a smart start. This strategy helps establish yourself as a leading business that prioritises environmental well-being. 

  • Tapes

Having a supply of good quality and robust tapes can’t be emphasised enough. With tapes, there are numerous options to choose from. Most people are only aware of the transparent tapes that are typically used in every package. However, if you want to make your products stand out, you can opt for tapes of different colours, styles, and sizes, ranging from glittery ones to colourful ones; there is so much experimentation you can do with tapes.  

  • Label Printer 

How can we talk about packaging supplies and not mention label printers on the list? Investing in a label printer is a must if your business primarily deals with online shipping. These gadgets help you print labels of customer addresses and contact information with ease and stick them on top of the package, saving you from the trouble of writing each and every address manually. 


How you pack your products before shipping them to your customers says a lot about your commitment to building trust and loyalty. Therefore, as a small business, you must focus on stocking up on the above-mentioned packing supplies if you want to enjoy a hassle-free shipping experience. Remember that your reputation is solely in your hands, and taking into consideration even the smallest details will help you reach great heights of success. 

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