6 Reasons Why You Need a Crypto Marketing Agency

Blockchain is among the top disruptive technology and industries worldwide. According to GlobeNewswire, the industry has a market size of $7.18B in 2022 and could reach $163.83B in 7 years.

The funds blockchain-based firms spend on blockchain marketing endeavors is a factor that contributes to their growth. Blockchain marketing focuses on how best to use blockchain tech within digital marketing strategies — a lot of this can be carried out by a crypto marketing agency.

Today, companies seeking expansion will employ crypto marketing agencies and influencers to manage their marketing activities. If you are thinking about following suit or wondering why anyone needs a blockchain marketing agency, consider the 5 reasons in this article.

#1. Enhanced Security

Perhaps the most pressing concern for online buyers and sellers is data security. Despite leveraging the might of digital marketing, the eCommerce space is still troubled by security breaches that compromise the identity and financial data of both buyers and sellers. 

However, with blockchain tech, there’s an improved guarantee of data security. Besides, you are getting access to a tech that publicizes transactions but still allows users a level of anonymity, boosting security further.

#2. Successful DIY is Practically Unrealistic

Blockchain marketing is much less stable than traditional marketing because it is relatively newer. This makes it difficult to attempt effective DIY campaigns from the ground up compared to other marketing forms. If you want an effective, results-laden marketing endeavor, you only have to use a blockchain marketing agency. 

#3. Everyone Craves Business Expansion

Whether you’re a startup founder looking to scale or a multi-million dollar unicorn, every business craves growth and expansion, even in the blockchain space. Businesses will benefit greatly from outsourcing their blockchain-related marketing endeavors to professional blockchain marketing agencies. 

They’d be entrusting their marketing needs in the hands of experienced and trained specialists focused on helping them retain and improve their client base.

#4. Improved ROI

In addition to gaining access to a team of devoted and experienced blockchain marketing professionals, hiring blockchain marketing agencies gets you closer to earning a better return on your marketing investment. 

Your choice for a marketing agency will bring you a workforce of talented and dedicated content writers, designers, and blockchain/crypto PR in one package, instead of finding them individually or attempting to DIY.

#5. Advanced Technology and Industry Best Practices

Many marketing tools, tech, and best practices combine to make any marketing campaign successful. These tools and technology make the grueling task of blockchain marketing easier.

While you may know a few of these tools at face value, blockchain marketing agencies work with them all year round. The fact that they have these technologies at their fingertips and know the best practices that can guarantee success means they can provide realistic and accurate marketing KPIs that align with a business’s goals and marketing objectives.

Besides, since marketing technologies get many updates in their lifecycle and some even become redundant, using a blockchain marketing agency saves you the trouble of keeping track of all the relevant tools.

#6. Evaluation Of Marketing Campaigns Analytics

Companies need to evaluate and monitor all their marketing strategies, and they can adequately do this with a solid blockchain marketing agency. Blockchain marketing agencies highlight the campaigns that influence their target audience and those that don’t, helping companies perfect their strategies.


Web3 and blockchain projects are thriving today, thanks to the presence and work of solid blockchain marketing agencies. These agencies handle the nitty-gritty of blockchain-related marketing activities. So if you are on the fence about their relevance, these 5 reasons we’ve mentioned validate why hundreds of companies outsource to them.