6 Renowned Relay Manufacturers in 2024

A relay is an essential electrical component used in various automation systems. It acts as a switch to control electric circuits or devices using a small electric current. With increasing industrialization and growing demand for intelligent machines, the global relay market is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. The integration of technologies like IoT, AI, and edge analytics is driving demand for more advanced relay solutions.

As industries leverage these technologies to improve processes, businesses require reliable relays from trusted suppliers. Choosing a relay manufacturer committed to quality and innovation will be pivotal for those relying on relays to power diverse automation needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Relay Manufacturers

There are several important aspects to evaluate when selecting a relay manufacturer. Businesses need suppliers that can consistently deliver high-performing products through innovation, intelligent manufacturing processes, and a commitment to quality. Partnering with brands excelling in research and development capabilities, production capacity, quality assurance, and reputation will help ensure reliability.

1. R&D Capability

R&D capabilities demonstrate a relay manufacturer’s focus on innovating relay technology. Collaborating with relay manufacturers with strong R&D ensures high product quality and gives you insights into the latest technological progress. Patents and new product launches of the relay suppliers can be a sign of their innovative edge.

2. Production Capacity

Production scale is an important factor when choosing relay manufacturers, especially for large automation projects or global supply contracts requiring mass manufacturing. Make sure your preferred relay manufacturer has extensive facilities and fully trained workforces to handle surge demands.

3. Quality Control

Rigorous quality procedures validate functionality and durability throughout development and production cycles. Opt for manufacturers that have robust quality procedures at every stage, from product design through to end-of-life. It is also recommended to evaluate how a relay manufacturer leverages post-market analytics. Such data provides valuable insights that can further enhance designs when fed back into the development process.

4. Brand Reputation

Recognized industry names have invested decades in garnering customer trust. Explore a relay manufacturer’s history, certifications, and client lists. A favorable reputation encourages confidence that products will perform as intended and issues will be addressed efficiently.

By prioritizing research, production oversight, quality governance, and reputation, you can ensure a relay manufacturer delivers relays meeting stringent functional and business specifications for mission-critical automation.

6 Renowned Relay Manufacturers in 2024

The 6 renowned relay manufacturers highlighted below have built strong reputations over decades by consistently delivering high-quality, reliable products. Their focus on innovation, diverse solutions, and reliability makes them trusted partners worldwide for mission-critical automation applications. With global footprints, these companies can customize solutions as per local requirements. They also develop new technologies to remain at the forefront of digital transformation. Overall, these renowned manufacturers are industry leaders known for empowering progress with reliable control solutions.

1. Hong FA

Established in 1984, Hong FA has grown to global leadership in relay manufacturing through a commitment to innovation and quality. Its extensive in-house supply chain focused on front-end and back-end processes sets its products apart. The key highlights include:

  • Diverse portfolio spans automotive, renewables, industrial automation, telecom, appliances, and medical sectors.
  • State-accredited R&D center employs top technicians developing customized advanced solutions.
  • Dedication to quality ensures the highest reliability standards.
  • Relays that are renowned for reliability with high amp switching capabilities and versatile contactor/circuit breaker gears.

2. Omron

Founded in 1933, Japanese corporation Omron has pioneered industrial automation technologies for many decades. With thousands of employees supporting customers across several countries, the relay manufacturer excels in its operations. With a vast catalog of products, Omron supports manufacturing across industries through heavy-duty contactors, PLCs, motion controllers, safety components, and more. Its relay products are superior for:

  • Microprocessor-controlled designs deliver enhanced monitoring, protection, and longevity
  • Vast catalog contains mini signal relays and heavy-duty contactors for almost all application types
  • Automotive-grade materials and precision processes maximize operational lifespan and uptime
  • Technical expertise supports multinational projects through a global sales network

3. ABB

ABB is one of the largest providers of automation technologies worldwide. It is a multinational corporation supporting digital industries. It employs thousands of people across several countries. The relay manufacturer helps accelerate the future of intelligent electrification and automation by transforming infrastructure and additional industries through next-generation technologies.

  • Its commitment to sustainable manufacturing minimizes environmental impacts across product lifecycles
  • Expert engineering equips relays for advanced connectivity within IoT/Industry 4.0 architectures
  • Extensive global presence enables localized custom solution development worldwide
  • Strict quality protocols ensure safety and functionality compliance with standards

4. Schneider

Schneider is a global pioneer in the digital transformation of automation. Its software and hardware solutions help make energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive, and green across various applications. Established in 1836, the company offers a variety of relay solutions that are well-known around the world for its:

  • Predictive analytics and remote connectivity maximize operational efficiencies
  • Compliant designs support diverse infrastructure from factories to renewable microgrids
  • Over a century of applications experience customizes solutions for client project needs
  • International partnerships de-risk localized implementations

5, Siemens

As an industrial automation leader operating globally, Siemens delivers comprehensive solutions, including relays that meet the highest standards. Founded in 1847, the brand is a renowned manufacturer because of these attributes:

  • Microprocessor-based designs deliver enhanced monitoring, protection, and longevity.
  • Extensive catalog houses miniature to heavy-duty relays for all application needs.
  • Global expertise supports complex multinational projects through a worldwide sales network.
  • While not a dedicated manufacturer, Siemens’ relays are designed with utmost performance, safety, and reliability for industries worldwide.


CHINT is a leading smart energy solutions provider established in 1984. Operating globally with thousands of employees, the relay manufacturer has grown into a $18 billion business. A crucial part of the provider’s operations is the state-of-the-art digital workshop established in 2020 for relay manufacturing.

The workshop utilizes two fully automated production lines totaling 85 meters per line in length to mainly manufacture the JZX-22F relay series. Each line boasts 26,000 units per day of production. Advanced technologies such as automation, lean production principles, and integrated IT systems like MES and WMS optimize efficiency. The second fully automated relay production line achieves nearly unmanned operation and makes CHINT’s relay products stand out through:

  • Precise, real-time process monitoring via IoT sensors and AI analytics ensures consistent, high-quality output.
  • Automated component handling and assembly aligned with CHINT’s proprietary design approach drives 5-fold productivity gains per capita.
  • Dynamic data-driven adjustments maintain over 80% overall equipment effectiveness.
  • Independent innovation is evidenced by the workshop’s 5 utility patents and 1 invention patent. Performance matches industry leader Omron’s standards and exceeds most others. CHINT leverages its digital expertise to rapidly develop customized relay solutions supporting specialized automation needs globally.


With technological advancements transforming automation at an unprecedented pace, manufacturers play a vital role in supplying innovative, reliable components. Digital transformation initiatives not only enhance production efficiency but also the delivery of high-quality products. Strong R&D fuels constant modernization. Omron, Hong FA, ABB, Schneider, Siemens and CHINT are the 6 relay manufacturers with extensive experience and quality offerings. You can rely on these renowned brands for optimal solutions.